Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Hudson Valley Renegades Roster

 Hudson Valley Renegades 2010 RosterHere are your 2010 Hudson Valley Renegades......

Pitchers (13)
Wilmer Almonte - Gulf Coast League Rays in 2009
Kyle Ayers - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Omar Bencomo - Princeton Rays in 2009
Kevin Chavez - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Joey Dettrich - Princeton Rays in 2009
Robert Dickmann - 2010 36th round draft pick
Devin Fuller - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Nate Garcia - 2010 16th round draft pick
Hunter Hill - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Steve Hiscock - undrafted free agent from Rollins College
Austin Hubbard - 2010 14th round draft pick
Adam Liberatore - 2010 21st round draft pick
Miguel Sierra - Boise Hawks of Northwest League (Chicago Cubs) in 2009

Catchers (3)
Kyle Holloway - undrafted free agent from Lynn University Fighting Knights
Alejandro Torres - Princeton Rays in 2009
David Wendt - Princeton Rays in 2009

Infielders (7)
Bennett Davis - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Derek Dietrich - 2010 2nd round draft pick
Geno Glynn - Princeton Rays in 2009
Craige Lyerly - 2010 19th round draft pick
Elias Otero - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Robby Price - 2010 13th round draft pick
Nick Schwaner - 2010 30th round draft pick

Outfielders (3)
Brian Bryles - Princeton Rays in 2009
Burt Reynolds - Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009
Chris Winder - 2010 27th round draft pick

Coaching Staff
Jared Sandberg - Manager
Jack Glese - Pitching Coach
Reinaldo Ruiz - Hitting Coach

Summary of where they came from:
Hudson Valley Renegades in 2009: 7
Princeton Rays in 2009: 6
Gulf Coast League Rays in 2009: 1
2010 draft picks: 9
Undrafted free agents: 2
Minor league free agents: 1

Special thanks to Sean McMann of the Poughkeepsie Journal for providing us with a copy of the roster from media day. For a deeper look at the Renegades, be sure to read Sean's blog, Renegades Rumblings.

[Updated: Fixed some typos and added 2009 team and 2010 draft picks, Doug.]


  1. Thanks for this. So it looks like Bailey, Malm, and Glaesman will all be going to Princeton.

  2. wow looks weak, where are all the top guys from last year's draft.

  3. A quick look is 7 Draft picks. There will probably be more with other signings.

  4. I'll update with where they came from later, have to go to a meeting now. One guy you haven't heard of is Steve Hiscock. He's a RHP signed as an undrafted free agent out of Rollins College.

    "Rollins College righthander Steve Hiscock of Naugatuck and Avery Point wasn't drafted but signed with the Rays after the draft. At 7-2 he was Rollins' No. 2 winner behind Tim Griffin, who was drafted by the Mariners."

  5. Another new face is Miguel Sierra. He's 6'5" RHP who will turn 22 July 28th. Last year he was in the Cubs organization and pitched for the Boise Hawks in the Northwest League (A-).

  6. I count 9 picks:

    Hubbard - 14th
    Dickmann - 36th
    Garcia - 16th
    Liberatore - 21st
    Dietrich - 2nd
    Lyerly - 19th
    Price - 13th
    Schwaner - 30th
    Winder - 27th

  7. Is Alex Diaz supposed to start in Princeton? Or would they send him back to the GCL?And no Cody Rogers?

  8. I'm a little surprised at how few prospects they're putting on this team. I would have thought at least one of the better draftees from last year would have ended up on HV.

    I guess that's part of the drawback of carrying a GCL team though.

    - Brick

  9. Also, interesting that there's only three listed outfielders, one of whom is really a corner infielder.

  10. Reynolds stayed in Extended Spring to learn the position after he was switched to an outfielder. I did say it was a quick count :)

  11. I did a "slow" count. :) And they had Hubbard's name backwards which probably threw you.

    Brick, I think there will be additions soon, this is just as of the media day. And remember, some of these guys are gone quickly. Dan April pitched in one game last year and quit. So expect changes in the coming days/weeks.

  12. Sorry if this post has crashed or changed back and forth in the past hour. Jim and I were both editing at the same time and bad things happened. It should be stable from here on out.

    Many thanks to Sean and Jim for getting this. Now all we need are the Princeton Rays, GCL Rays, and XST rosters. Then comes the July 2nd international signing period and late 2010 draft signings. Always something happening.

  13. Any guys from the 09 draft I should watch?

  14. 2009 picks off the top of my head, don't have the draft list in front of me:

    Devin Fuller - 6th round
    Hunter Hill - 13th round
    David Wendt - 50th round
    Bennett Davis - 42nd round
    Geno Glynn - 43rd round

    So I think 5, 2 early rounders, 3 very late guys.

  15. All you guys care about is what round people get drafted in. You all know absolutely nothing about baseball. You all think just because the player gets drafted high that hes gonna skip rookie ball. This is the rays organization, I figured youd know how they do things by now but guess not.

  16. Last Anon, not sure who or what you're refering to. I posted where they came from last year including 2010 picks and rounds. Michael asked for 2009 picks on the team, so I posted those (think they are all correct, 1st 3 were off the top of my head, had to doublecheck the rounds on Davis and Glynn, but think they are correct).

    Not understanding the complaint. Was it some of the earlier comments about the "good" prospects not being at HV? If so, I agree. Our top picks were HS players, won't sign early unless unusual situation, lots of options so leverage.

    HV gets the college and JC guys, Princeton and GCL get HS guys, with a few exceptions. Mix in the international guys, promotions from last year, and you have the rosters. Plus guys continue to sign and quit throughout the summer, so more movement.

    Sorry if I'm being defensive, but not sure what I don't understand about it, if you even meant it at me. Ask clear questions directed at or quoting what you disagree with and we'll be happy to discuss it.

    This is a fun time of the year. Enjoy it.

  17. Cody Rogers is the big one missing to me. He hit .303/364/.490 at Princeton last year and is 21 years old. He has to be hurt, there's no reason they'd send him BACK to Princeton this year.

  18. Cody Rogers has been rehabbing from hip surgery.

  19. Didnt we get Sierra from the Rule 5 draft? And asny guesses who may be the starter tonight?

  20. FYI's roster also includes 1B Steven Tinoco, our 34th round pick out of Long Beach State.

  21. They sign a free agent catcher, Holloway, who was the 9th leading hitter on his Division II college team.

    Then they assign him to Hudson Valley. How does that happen? If this is a favor to someone, let him play in GCL.

  22. He may not be around too long if Like Bailey hits well in Princeton

  23. Don't read anything into the catchers. Every minor league team needs many. They need a starter, a backup, bullpen guys, guys to catch off-day sessions, etc. Some overlap, of course, but they still need many guys who can catch.

    Not every catcher is a prospect. Just because Holloway isn't a great batter means nothing. He's very useful to the gades. Guys like Bailey are being developed for their overall game, not because they can catch in the pen.

    The actual prospects at catcher are held back typically to develop their overall skills. Good defense/no offense types may be at a higher level, but they fill an different role.

    Better to be the starter at GCL than the bp guy in HV, basically. Level to age also means a lot less at catcher than other positions, goal is to develop a guy who can handle a staff and have a servicable bat. Takes more time than other positions. You see the same with lefty pitchers too.

  24. how's wilmer almonte playing ? or doing his job ?