Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Draft Thread

[Update 5:02 pm] Andy Seiler's final mock draft has the Rays taking Jake Skole and Mike Kvasnicka. Like Delino DeShields Jr, Skole is an athletic outfielder from Georgia with a football scholarship. His bat is slightly more advanced, though he struggles at times with breaking balls and doesn't have DeShields' speed. Kvasnicka is the top college catcher behind Yasmani Grandal. He showed solid potential with the bat at Minnesota, and his junior season has scouts thinking he can remain behind the plate.


I'll be checking in with updates throughout the day, and will use this as the draft thread up until the Rays pick at 17, when we'll have our first profile posted.

Frankie Piliere's final mock has the Rays taking Delino DeShields Jr. at #17 and Jedd Gyorko at #31. DeShields, the son of the former big leaguer, is a speedy outfielder from a Georgia high with a commitment to LSU for both football and baseball. He's on the small side at 5'8" or 5'9" but he's one of the fastest players in the draft, and his bat offers more upside than you might think. Gyorko is a college shortstop who doesn't have the range to play there as a pro. His bat is his calling card, but he's a bit of a 'tweener without the defensive tools to play up the middle or the power for a corner spot.

Jim Callis' latest mock has the Rays grabbing Yasmani Grandal and Derek Dietrich. Grandal has been linked to multiple teams in the top 10, so it's doubtful he falls. Dietrich fits the same profile as Gyorko. He's a shortstop but won't stick there, and may not have the range to play 2B.

Josh Sale is a near-lock to go to the Astros, unless Drew Pomeranz or Chris Sale falls to them. That would require a surprise, like the Diamondbacks passing on one of those in favor of Matt Harvey or Deck McGuire, and then the Mets not scooping up Pomeranz/Sale up (they like HS C Justin O'Connor). Alternatively, Houston could fall in love with DeShields and pop him. The Royals' pre-draft deal with Grandal isn't as rock-solid as once thought, so they'd be in the Pomeranz/Sale mix too.

The Rays haven't been linked much to Stetson Allie, but I'd love it if he were there at #17. Florida high school pitchers A.J. Cole and Karsten Whitson figure to be around, and I'd prefer them to DeShields, but the latter offers enough upside that it's okay. For pick #31, the conventional wisdom has the Rays taking a "safe" college player. I'd still prefer someone like Kellin Deglan, a high school catcher who should sign for near-slot.

I'll update this post if anything interesting comes across today.


  1. Jim Callis of BA in is last minute draft shows Reggie Golden, hs, of and rated #96 in BA's top 200 going to the Rays at the 17th pick.

    At the 31st pick he shows Tony Wolters, hs, ss and rated #75 in their top 200 going to the Rays.

    Where in the world did he come up with this info? I hope they draft better than that.

  2. FYI, last 10 picks at #17 overall:

    2009 - Diamondbacks - Allen Pollock
    2008 - Blue Jays - David Cooper
    2007 - Rangers - Blake Beavan
    2006 - Padres - Matt Antonelli
    2005 - Yankees - Carl Henry
    2004 - Dodgers - Scott Elbert
    2003 - Red Sox - David Murphy
    2002 - Phillies - Cole Hamels
    2001 - Indians - Daniel Denham
    2000 - Dodgers - Ben Diggins

    Different GM's, needs, bonus demands, etc., but this is what has happened at #17 recently.

  3. And here are the last 10 picks at #31 overall:

    2009 - Cubs - Brett Jackson
    2008 - Twins - Shooter Hunt
    2007 - Nationals - Josh Smoker
    2006 - Dodgers - Preston Mattingly
    2005 - Diamondbacks - Matthew Torra
    2004 - Royals - J.P. Howell
    2003 - Indians - Adam Miller
    2002 - Dodgers - Greg Miller
    2001 - Orioles - Bryan Bass
    2000 - Twins - Aaron Heilman

  4. Josh Sale is our pick!

  5. Rays pick Josh Sale at #17. YES

  6. I'm thrilled he fell to the Rays.