Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 30 Picks: Breakdown

I'll do a big wrap-up post once all 50 rounds are done, even if the last twenty are largely irrelevant(as I mentioned, the Rays signed two guys in the 31-50 range from last year). But for now, we can take a look at positions and HS/college.

Right-handed pitchers: 12 (Fuller, Koronis, Bellatti, Hill, Quate, Johnson, Shuman, Floro, Swilley, Peterson, Wager, Jensen)
Left-handed pitchers: 5 (James, Partridge, Sullivan, Heaney, Rosscup)
Catcher: 1 (Bailey)
Infield: 6 (Diekroeger, Malm, Dennis, Bortnick, Wiegand, Rhault)
Outfield: 6 (Washington, Glaesmann, Rogers, Nommensen, Diaz, Cohen)

College: 9 (Nommensen, Koronis, Quate, Bortnick, Shuman, Sullivan, Wiegand, Rhault, Cohen)
Junior College: 4 (Fuller, Rogers, Hill, Rosscup)
High School: 17 (Everyone else)

I'll compare this to past Rays drafts tomorrow.

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  1. very informative. thank you. such a young group of guys...looks like princeton and the gulf coast team will be getting the highest draft picks..that is if they all sign!