Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/28: Today's Games

Durham Bulls at Columbus Clippers 5:05 EDT
Starting for Durham: RHP Matt DeSalvo 4.55
Notes: Second game of a 4-game series...

Montgomery Biscuits vs. Jacksonville Suns 5:05 EDT
Starting for Montgomery: RHP Chris Mason 3-4 6.05

Charlotte Stone Crabs at Dunedin Blue Jays 1:00 EDT
Starting for Charlotte: RHP Alex Cobb 4-4 3.28

Bowling Green Hot Rods at Lexington Legends 2:05 EDT
Starting for Bowling Green: RHP Shane Dyer 1-5 4.65

Hudson Valley Renegades at Brooklyn Cyclones 5:00 EDT
Starting for Hudson Valley: LHP Glenn Gibson 0-1 13.50

Princeton Rays at Bristol Sox 7:00 EDT
Starting for Princeton: RHP Jason McEachern 0-0 0.00

GCL Rays vs. GCL Twins 12:00 EDT
Starting for the GCL Rays:


  1. Will RaysProspects be getting daily game reports from Hudson Valley broadcaster or someone else? Love to see coverage of them, too.

  2. When available, I use the game report from the official team site in the Rundown posts. Clicking "Recap" usually will direct you to the story on

  3. I don't know that they or Princeton have anyone doing daily writeups. I've seen a few, but not every day. The local papers do, but they probably wouldn't want them posted here, even though we'd link to them every day in the post.

    We really want someone who was there at the game to do it, or at least someone who heard it on the radio. I could (time permitting) take the box and the recap and do a game story, but without being there the potential for errors is great. Even the posts from the broadcasters sometimes have mistakes, usually just typos, but still. Some of the time I catch them, like a big one today, but since I wasn't there, I can only catch obvious things.

    To be honest I haven't even tried to find someone, everytime I think to do it something else comes up (here or in real life). If someone has ideas on who would be good ideas to contact let me know (I know the teams themselves, I mean other than the teams).

    I think it would be great to have especially since most of the recent draft picks play in HV and Princeton, and we all are interested in how they are doing. So let me know if you have ideas about this or anything else you'd like to see us add/expand our coverage of.