Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Minor Moves: Newmann, Mejias, Callender, Mavares, Jamieson

David NewmannThe Charlotte Stone Crabs have placed LHP David Newmann and RHP Jose Angel Mejias on the 7-day disabled list.

Replacing them on the Stone Crabs roster are 2B Joey Callender and RHP Deivis Mavares, both assigned to Charlotte from the Rays Extended Spring Training.

Catcher Alex Jamieson has again been assigned to the Durham Bulls from the Hudson Valley Renegades.


  1. Interesting... Wasn't there something back in spring about Joey Callender moving to pitcher? Two pitchers got hurt, so are you sure Callender's being listed as 2B?

    Maybe I'm just thinking of the wrong guy.

  2. Callender has converted to pitcher. I'm assuming that MiLB hasn't recognized that yet as he has yet to pitch for an affiliate, so he is still in their database as a pitcher. I haven't seen him do any hitting during MiLB ST or Extended Spring, so he's probably just a reserve P. I have seen him pitch and he looks solid.

  3. Kevin is right, and Nick explains it. I just used the milb position, once he appears in a live game as a pitcher, then he's a pitcher. Glad to hear he looks good on the mound.