Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Team Defense

Team                     G   PO    A   E  FLD% PB  SB  CS  CS%
Durham Bulls 31 830 303 23 .980 7 26 13 33%
Montgomery Biscuits 31 822 317 26 .978 7 23 9 28%
Charlotte Stone Crabs 30 805 327 31 .973 5 12 19 61%
Bowling Green Hot Rods 31 777 336 53 .955 7 38 15 28%
Just as you would expect, overall team defense improves as you move up to higher levels. The reason of course is that poor defenders either don't move up or are moved to positions they can handle. A few things that stand out:

- Nevin Ashley is doing a great job behind the plate for Charlotte. I'd like to see him promoted to Montgomery and have either Mark Thomas or Jake Jefferies replace him for the Stone Crabs.

- Bowling Green really sticks out with 53 errors. The leaders are Jason Tweedy with 13, Isaias Velasquez and Tim Beckham with 6, and Henry Wrigley with 5. The only player on the team without an error is centerfielder Anthony Scelfo (27 games played).

- The leaders for Charlotte are Greg Sexton with 9, and Shawn O'Malley with 7. Emeel Salem and Reid Fronk have both played in 27 games without an error.

- In Montgomery the leaders are Drew Anderson with 5, Cesar Suarez, Brandon Chaves, and Jason Bowers with 4. Both Desmond Jennings (in 30 games) and Rashad Eldridge (29 games) have not committed an error.

- Durham is led by Reid Brignac with 8 and Ray Olmedo with 3. Three of the Bulls regulars have yet to commit an error, Jon Weber (28 games), Justin Ruggiano (27 games), and Ray Sadler (25 games).


  1. Doug:

    Meaning no disrespect but your article is a bit misleading. All the leaders in errors you mentioned are infielders. Not only do the have more attempts than outfielders but also more difficult plays to make than outfielders. Likewise, minor league official scorers leave a bit to be desired when they are determining when a play is an error or who made it.

  2. No problem, I don't think it's 'misleading' though, it is what it is. I guess I assumed everyone knew that infielders have to make the tougher plays and have more balls hit to them, hence more errors.

    And of course there are problems with the scoring in the minors, but I think it tends to be the other way from what you're saying. Scorers (when a Rays affiliate is on the road) tend to give their own players a hit instead of giving our guy an error because it helps the home player's stats. That's just been my experience, and I've been known to be wrong. :)

  3. You jinxed Weber. He committed an error. Great site, I love it.

    - Rome

  4. If Ashley is promoted to Montgomery, who will be the main catcher? Ashley? Spring?

  5. I would want to see a little more Offense out of Ashley before I promote him to AA. Because right now, Ashley could almost get promoted to Tampa with the way that Navi has been hitting and fielding. If Ashley is still playing strong by June, by all means promote him to Montgomery and send Spring to Durham to back-up Jaso.

  6. I knew I'd jinx someone, sorry Jon. I'd only promote Ashley to be the starter, so Spring to the bench.

  7. Here are all the errors from last night FYI:

    Durham: Weber, J (1, fielding), Nowak (3, throw), Richard (3, throw).

    Montgomery: Chaves (5, throw).

    Charlotte: None.

    Bowling Green: Beckham, T 2 (8, throw, fielding), Sheridan (2, throw), Velasquez (7, fielding).