Monday, May 25, 2009

Groundball Rates

Not much of an intro, he's the GO/AO(groundouts divided by flyouts) for starters and select relievers(The higher that is, the more groundballs that pitcher is getting):

Player             GO/AO
Mitch Talbot 1.41
David Price 1.24
Carlos Hernandez 0.89
James Houser 0.65
Wade Davis 0.61

Jason Cromer 1.62
Heath Rollins 1.45
Aneury Rodriguez 0.85
Jeremy Hellickson 0.43
David Newmann 3.35
Darin Downs 2.41
Alex Cobb 1.43
Jesse Darcy 0.88
Jeremy Hall 0.75

Shane Dyer 2.11
Michael Jarman 1.81
Joseph Cruz 1.33
Frank De Los Santos 1.17
Matt Moore 1.09

Randy Choate 3.10
Winston Abreu 0.89

Ryan Reid 1.00
Eduardo Morlan 0.63
Calvin Medlock 0.41

Matt Gorgen 1.50
Austin Hinkle 0.95
Paul Phillips 0.29

Tommy Rafferty 2.75
Chris Andujar 2.14
Marquis Fleming 2.14
Jamie Bagley 2.00

So David Newmann is generating a ton of grounders, while Paul Phillips has an almost comically high number of flyballs. Along with Davis' low strikeout rate, his low groundball rate isn't a great sign. He's still getting outs, but we'll see if he can keep going with a sub-3 ERA with the rates that low. One guy I like as a bit of a sleeper is Shane Dyer: He's showing good control, getting groundballs, and striking some guys out. Then again, David Newmann has been doing those things too, and from the left side to boot.

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