Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays Top 30 Prospects: 26-30

Rays Top 30 ProspectsHere are #26-30 of our Top 30 Prospects in the Tampa Bay Rays organization prior to the start of the 2009 season. We will update the list during the season. Links are to our profile of each player.

26. Alexander Colome
27. Justin Ruggiano
28. Matt Gorgen
29. Ty Morrison
30. Ryan Royster


  1. Do you think that Emeel Salem is still a prospect?

  2. The injury last year came at a really bad time for his career. He was off to a good start hitting .301 with 14 walks and only 18 strikeouts in 38 games, with 25 SB's. But now he's 24 (2/11/85), still in high A ball, and in a crowded outfield in Charlotte (Royster, Fronk, Powell). Generally speaking, 24 year-olds in A ball aren't really prospects. Could he eventually make the majors, at least briefly? Sure, but not with the Rays. He'll probably have to bounce around org's, moving up through the minors until he hopefully lands on a team where they need him as a 4/5th OF. Kind of like the situation (minus the bouncing around) Fernando Perez almost had this year with the Rays.

  3. I think that David Wendt is the best catcher in your organization and should be brought up to the MLB

  4. 21 out of 28 runners stole on him in a small college what does he bring to the table

  5. I think that David Wendt should have been the number one draft pick