Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News & Notes On Richie Shaffer

Just a reminder that you can find some scouting notes on Richie Shaffer in last night's post, and the transcript of the conference call conducted in the comments section.

The 2012 Signing Board is up and it includes the slot value for each pick. It will be updated throughout the draft, and signing updates will be provided in the comments. If you come across any news to share, please leave a comment.

Kevin Goldstein's take:
It's rare to find the best college hitter in the draft at 25, and despite being linked to athletes like Davis and Lewis Brinson, Tampa Bay ended Shaffer's slide. If he's a third baseman, he's a steal here. If he has to move to first, he belongs here.
Personally, I see Shaffer eventually moving to RF or LF rather than 1st base. The sooner the better, ideally. Assuming Shaffer follows the Mikie Mahtook path of playing with high-A in his first full-season (2013), Charlotte figures to have Tyler Goeddel coming up from Bowling Green to play 3B. A potential 2013 Charlotte outfield of Josh Sale, Drew Vettleson, and Richie Shaffer might be a tick below-average defensively, but all three can hit.

While we're here, though, here's Goldstein's pre-draft report on him:
Who he is: No college hitter is more likely to make an offensive impact in the big leagues than Shaffer. He's the rare combination of power, patience, but also pure hitting ability, as he should put up good numbers in all three triple-slash categories. The issue is that many see him as a bat-only prospect who will need to move to first base as a pro, with an outside chance at sticking in a corner.Draft Skinny: In a draft that is especially thin on college hitters, Shaffer's ability stands out and is attracting nearly every team drafting in the early teens.
This Tampa Bay Times article has some quotes from Shaffer and scouting director R.J. Harrison.

Snakin the Southland has Shaffer's college stats.

Future Redbirds had a nice round-up of some pre-draft notes on him.


  1. Here's my problem with this pick and the picks from last year and before. The Rays way, which is now a blue print for all franchises is pitching and defense with speed and aggressive baserunning. You mentioned the future of this outfield, (3-4 yrs) being Sale, Vettleson and Schaffer? Why are the Rays all of a sudden drafting hit tools and power bats over up the middle/atheletic types? In my opinion the system has lacked power and pure hitters since Evan graduated. I think we could be looking at Vettleson, Jennings and Mahtook outfield with Schaffer hopefully developing at 1st base and Sale as the DH. That would work in my book.

  2. I have to agree. I like Schaffer's bat at 1st. Defense does seem to be a concern as of late, but having a couple of power bats would definitely be a nice change. If Beckham gets his head together, and gets moved to the outfield. I think Jennings, Beckham, Vettleson makes a nice outfield, with Schaffer at 1st, and Sale at DH? Lee's lack of offense at SS won't be a big issue if his defense is as good as advertised. Now we need a catcher....