Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Hudson Valley Renegades Roster

Here is the opening roster for the 2012 Hudson Valley Renegades. Players are listed in the categories provided by the team, ages are as of today in tenths of a year.

Luke Maile - 21.3 - 8th round 2012
Jake DePew - 20.2 - 9th round 2010
Patrick Reardon* - 24.6 - NDFA 2012
Justin O'Conner - 20.2 - 1st round 2010

Michael Williams - 22.1 - 30th round 2012
Tommy Coyle* - 21.6 - 16th round 2012
Felix Gonzalez# - 22.1 - Int'l FA 2007
Ryan Dunn - 23.6 - 17th round 2012
Leonardo Reginatto - 22.1 - Int'l FA 2009

Deshun Dixon - 20.7 - 10th round 2010
Marty Gantt - 22.3 - 7th round 2012
Charles Epperson - 21.9 - NDFA 2012

Taylor Guerrieri - 19.5 - 1st round 2011
Ian Kendall - 20.5 - 5th round 2010
Brandon Henderson* - 20.1 - 15th round 2010
Eduar Quinonez - 22.8 - Int'l FA 2007
Dylan Floro - 21.4 - 13th round 2012
Jeff Ames - 21.3 - supplemental 1st round 2011
Shay Crawford* - 24.5 - 41st round 2011
Matt Spann* - 21.3 - 25th round 2010
Sean Bierman* - 23.6 - 10th round 2012
Rob Finneran - 22.7 - 37th round 2012
Ryan Garton - 22.5 - 34th round 2012
Jesse Hahn - 22.8 - 6th round 2010
Marcus Jensen - 20.8 - 30th round 2009
Reinaldo Lopez - 21.1 - Int'l FA 2007
Jose Molina* - 20.9 - Int'l FA 2008

So as of June 14th there are 27 players with average age of 21.8. There may be some additions before their first game on Monday when they host Aberdeen.


  1. Interesting that Michael Williams is listed at IF, he and Maile split the catching duties at UK. Also, O'Conner is only going to be DHing, I think.

    This is an offense that looks like it can really use Richie Shaffer

    1. Watch out for Maile, he is the real deal!

  2. Yes, O'Conner is just listed as a catcher, no place for DH. I think Williams will have to play 1B for now, but I expected Maile to be listed there since he did that quite a bit.

    Almost all RHB, only 2 LHB and a switch hitter.

    On OF Epperson, he's out of Jackson State University, turns 22 on June 30th, listed at 6'3", 215. Here is his JSU page:

  3. I hope this Jose Molina is a better pitcher than our catcher is a catcher.

  4. Will this team score any runs?

  5. excited for Taylor Guerrieri!

  6. A little light on position players other than catcher, wouldnt you say? Is that leaving room we hope for some of the higher picks to sign? (oh please oh please) :) Go Gades.

    1. I agree with you.

    2. 3B and OF look weak to me, and I don't see anybody on the roster that is listed as an IF that can really help out in the OF. Can't go long with only 3, and one is an NDFA. Luckily of the 4 top 10 picks left to sign there is a 3B (Shaffer) and 2 OF (Toles and Rickard) that were all college or junior college players. So they should go to HV if they sign and it's exactly what HV needs. The pitching looks great on paper, shouldn't be problem.

  7. At first I got excited when I started seeing college picks coming to the Hudson Valley. Then I looked at the stats from those coming from Princeton and our one returnee. Uh-oh, not looking so good. Batting Averages- From HV- Reginatto- .198, From Princeton- DePew-.214, Dixon-.211, O'Conner-.157, Gonzalez-.289. (O'Conner is the DH here, so I really hope his hitting improves- quickly.) Regarding projected Starting Pitchers from Princeton- Last year's ERA's were- Ames-7.12, Spann-3.13, Kendall-4.31, Henderson-4.30, and Guerrieri didn't pitch. I'm trying to be optimistic, but...... (Jose Molina had an ERA of 2.55, but, is not a starter.)

  8. Journal says Ames gets the opener followed by hahn and Guerreri.

  9. Excited to see how the starting pitching performs. There's plenty of talent there.