Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 30 Prospect List: Kevin

1. Chris Archer
2. Taylor Guerrieri
3. Hak-Ju Lee
4. Alex Colome
5. Josh Sale
6. Richie Shaffer
7. Enny Romero
8. Drew Vettleson
9. Mikie Mahtook
10. Ryan Brett

Archer is basically a default #1 because no one has stepped up and grabbed it, while Lee has fallen back and at least Archer has shown something.

11. Felipe Rivero
12. Derek Dietrich
13. Tim Beckham
14. Tyler Goeddel
15. Jake Hager
16. Oscar Hernandez
17. Jeff Malm
18. Ryan Carpenter
19. Jeff Ames
20. Brandon Martin

21. Alex Torres
22. Blake Snell
23. James Harris
24. Granden Goetzman
25. Johnny Eierman
26. C.J. Riefenhauser
27. Grayson Garvin
28. Lenny Linsky
29. Ty Morrison
30. Kyeong Kang
31. Lenny Linsky Wilking Rodriguez

Doug will by with his tomorrow and a combined list on Friday. In the meantime I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments.


  1. Lenny Linsky is listed twice. Also, Alejandro Segovia is having a very strong year in BG despite the limited at bats. Is his lack of a track record keeping him off these lists?

    1. Thanks, fixed.

      For Segovia, it's a combination of age, a limited track record, and the low batting average. The walks and power are nice but 22-year-olds only hitting .227 in the MWL are tough to take seriously, in my opinion.

  2. Damn! 1 game at Princeton at Oscar jumps 12 spots from your pre-season list

    1. It is all part of prospecting. His value may have not gotten higher, but the info we (and Kevin) have on him is more clear and larger. Baseball America named him one of the top 15 or so prospects from VSL/DSL. They also gave a positive scouting report on him. Then the Rays sent him to Princeton instead of the GCL, another good sign. It is one of the main issues with prospects (the lack of details that is).

    2. Great answer!

  3. Kevin You guys do a great job. My question is on Oscar Hernandez.I haven't seen him play before and u guys have more insights on this prospects. But is this guy for real.What is the scouting report on him because I haven't read or seen a detailed one yet. Batting .402 in 69 games as an 18yr old is not an easy thing to do even if the VSL is considered to be weak. What baffles me is that he batted .223 in 34 games the previous year. And he had a good start yesterday. Also excited to see Taylor and Archer pitch tonight. Go Rays

    1. I haven't seen much scouting on Oscar either, but what's out there has been positive and the stats are just so loud I can't ignore them.

    2. The good news is that Oscar has done away with the big "Bautista-esque" leg kick so may not hit for as much power but will be much more solid at the plate overall. And his defense also improved through working at the copmpler with Jamie. I don't think anybody I talked to over there had a negative to say, seems like a good kid with a bright future.

  4. What about Tim Beckham?

    1. This is top 30 prospects, not busts

    2. You know what, I somehow completely missed him. I would slot him in at #13.

  5. I disagree with the last post he is only 22. How can you class him as a bust?