Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 30 Prospect List: Scott

The number after players indicates my change from the preseason top 30.  NC means no change, and NR means not ranked.

1.   Taylor Guerrieri    RHP (+2)
2.   Hak-Ju Lee    SS (NC)
3.   Richie Shaffer    3B (NR)
4.   Enny Romero*    LHP (+1)
5.   Chris Archer    RHP (+5)
6.   Drew Vettleson    COF (+6)
7.   Josh Sale    COF (+17)
8.   Mikie Mahtook    CF (-4)
9.   Brandon Martin    SS (-3)
10. Ryan Brett    2B (+6)

11. Parker Markel    RHP (-4)
12. Alex Colome    RHP (-1)
13. Jake Hager    SS (NC)
14. Tyler Goeddel    3B (-5)
15. Tim Beckham    SS (-1)
16. Ryan Carpenter*    LHP (+4)
17. Felipe Rivero*    LHP (+6)
18. C.J.  Riefenhauser*    LHP (NR)
19. Jeff Malm    1B (NR)
20. Derek Dietrich    SS (+5)

21. Granden Goetzman    COF (NC)
22. Johnny Eierman    SS (NC)
23. James Harris    CF (+6)
24. Blake Snell*    LHP (NR)
25. Wilking Rodriguez    RHP (+3)
26. Grayson Garvin*    LHP (-8)
27. Lenny Linsky/    RHP (-8)
28. Kyeong Kang    COF (NR)
29. Alex Torres*    LHP (-21)
30. Oscar Hernandez    C (NC)


  1. Love the new NEWS FEED on the side guys!

  2. How can you rank Carpenter ahead of Rivero? Plus Schaffer has done nothing to warrant a #3...what is your criteria: pulling names from a hat? CJ should be farther up the latter! Also Dietrich should change places Mikie!

  3. Shouldn't you have to play a game first? Such a joke.

  4. haha i laugh at these now after reading them the past 7 years

  5. Who cares about the order. Most of these guys are low in the system. The depth is absolutely UNREAL!!! Amazing to see who will be in Charlotte and Bowling Green next year. Can't wait to watch the Stone Crabs after going to KY to see the Hot Rods a couple weeks ago.

  6. what i dont get is that shaffer has not even signed yet!!!!! among other things!

  7. Scott's assuming Shaffer is going to sign, which is probably true. He's just saying where he will rank if/when he does sign.

    The problem all the lists this time have/will have is there just aren't any great prospects at the upper levels, guys with long minor league histories of success. The AAA and AA guys are struggling or hurt (Archer, Lee, Guyer, Beckham, Colome). So we have a ton of A-ball (and lower) players with great tools and scouting reports but little to show for it on the field yet, and a long way to go to reach the majors.

    There really isn't anything more complicated about it than that.

    I agree with the folks who don't like to see someone like Guerrieri ranked high when he hasn't thrown a pitch yet. How many 'can't miss' guys have we seen hit a wall or go down to injury over the years? Just look back at past drafts for a list of the names.

    But who do you put above Guerrieri from the upper levels: a stinky Archer, Lee who seems to have hit a wall at AA for a year now, Beckham with his struggles at AAA and the suspension, Guyer with the shoulder, Torres with the meltdown and demotion to the pen?

    The good news is that there is a ton of talent from Charlotte on down. The next wave of talent is coming, it's just a couple or three years away.