Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Moves

Jake Floethe
OF/1B Leslie Anderson (groin) has been placed on the 7-day DL by the Durham Bulls.

The Rays have assigned 2nd round pick SS Spencer Edwards to the GCL Rays.

It sounds like RHSP Matt Buschmann will remain with Durham instead of returning to Montgomery. It isn't clear yet whether Buschmann will stay in the Bulls rotation. Nick Barnese has come off the DL to replace Buschmann in Montgomery.

RHSP Jake Floethe was activated from the 7-day DL by the Bowling Green Hot Rods to start tonight's game. No corresponding move has been announced.

Will update with any post-game transactions.


  1. They finally posted the Floethe move, Castillo to HV was the other.

  2. Per the MLB guys Archer has been optioned back to Durham. I stuck him on the reserve list in the depth chart since he'll have 72 hours to report and be activated. Luke Scott should be activated by the Rays tomorrow, filling their roster. Need another move to open a spot for Archer in Durham, has to be a pitcher, too many.

  3. Question if Castillo was moved to hv doesn't that make 31 with lyerly there?

    1. It does. They can only have 30 on the 'active' roster, and only 25 are eligible to play in any given game. But they can have up to 35 under their control. So Lyerly and Castillo are still with their real teams but are classified as being on HV's 35-man reserved list.

      It's convoluted, which is why I just show the active limits and try to keep players listed on the teams they are traveling with. The other problem is we aren't told usually when a player is moved off the active roster unless they are DLd or suspended. It's kept track of but just not made available. The only time we really have to watch it is in December to the Rule 5 draft. The Rays can protect their full 40-man roster and each minor league team can protect up to their reserve limit. Anyone who isn't protected can then be picked in one of the phases of the Rule 5 draft (not that it ever turns out to be a big deal anyway).