Thursday, June 10, 2010

OT: College Conference Realignments

NCAA Realignment
This is off topic, unless I try and tie it to college baseball, and the draft, and therefore future Rays prospects. But lets face it, all of the rumored movement of colleges from one conference to another is about one thing: money. And that comes mostly from football, with a little basketball figuring in, but almost nothing to do with baseball. I'm not as knowledgeable as many of you about the subject, so I thought I'd ask for your input on how these moves will affect college baseball. Here are the reports/rumors I've seen:

- Colorado has accepted an invite to the Pac 10. First one off the sinking ship formerly known as the Big 12. Does Colorado even have a baseball team?

- Nebraska is expected to announce as early as tomorrow that they are also leaving the Big 12, but for the Big 10. Does Nebraska immediately become the class of the Big 10 in baseball?

- Five other Big 12 teams also are reported to have invites to join the Pac 10: Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. Would the new Pac 16 rival the SEC in football? Certainly they would be the top baseball conference, if they aren't already, wouldn't they?

- If the SEC decides to expand, would Florida block Florida State and Miami from joining for the recruiting advantages (ie SEC vs. ACC)?

- Nothing to do with baseball, but USC is expected to receive a two year ban from bowl games. Good. About time.

- Notre Dame. I keep hearing they are forced to make a move soon or risk being left out in the cold. I don't buy that. Whether it's two days from now, two months from now, or two years from now, if Notre Dame wants to join a conference, they will be welcomed with open arms. Remember, this is about money.

Since I've opened this up to sports other than baseball, feel free to comment on football and basketball too. But mostly, how do you see this affecting college baseball, if at all? And feel free to post any new rumors/news you hear.

[And full disclosure, I'm a lifelong Buckeye, so I like the moves so far. Adding Nebraska to the Big 10 is great, wish we could add Oklahoma and Texas too. Notre Dame... not so much. I'll get back to looking for news on Rays draft picks signings now.]

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  1. Colorado doesn't have a baseball team.. it's a club sport for them.