Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rays Mock Draft

Tampa Bay RaysOver at John Sickels site they are conducting a mock draft. Basically they found 30 people to act as GM's for each team and at 1 p.m. eastern they began making picks in the order of the real draft. Our own Kevin Gengler is standing in for Don Zimmer and making the picks for the Rays. Here are the results (I'll update as the Rays/KG make more picks):

Round 1, 30th pick: Tommy Joseph, C, Arizona HS.
Round 2, 78th pick: Dane Williams, RHP, Florida HS.
Round 3, 108th pick: David Holmberg, LHP, Florida HS.

[Edit 4:15 by Kevin]
Here's some info and reasoning behind each guy...
C Tommy Joseph: He can hit, he's a hard-worker and I think he'll stay behind the plate. BA snipped: "In the 2009 Power Showcase, an offseason home run derby, Joseph showed off his well-above-average power by putting a few balls in the upper deck at Tropicana Field, and hit a 465-foot bomb that fluttered the American flag hanging from the catwalk in the left-center field power alley."

I went with him because while you don't want to draft for need, catcher is an organizational weak spot and I believe in his bat. Also I was trying to think along with the Rays, and scouting director R.J. Harrison is from Arizona and isn't afraid to draft from that state(ie Kyle Lobstein last year).

RHP Dane Williams: He's a Florida HSers with a big arm, but he's still a project. Honestly he wasn't my ideal pick here, but there wasn't really anyone that stuck out to me, so a high-ceiling arm makes sense. BA snippet: "
His biggest question marks revolve around his command of the fastball and ability to develop a changeup, which he hasn't needed as a prep. Williams was closing strong, throwing a no-hitter in the 4-A regional finals to help Archbishop McCarthy reach the state final four for the first time."

LHP David Holmberg: Again, not my first candidate. I really liked OF Max Walla from a New Mexico HS, but he got taken a few picks earlier and there wasn't another position player I liked. BA snippet: "
He's all of 6-foot-4 if not a bit taller and has a big frame, easily capable of carrying 225 pounds or so. His fastball has improved over the past year, sitting at 87-88 mph and at times hitting 90. His secondary stuff is his current calling card, and depending on the day he showed both a plus changeup and a curveball with 12-to-6 break and depth. Some scouts even like his slider better than his curveball, but the key is he throws all four for strikes." He'll have to be an over-slot signing though.


  1. Interesting pick with Tim Wheeler, Rich Poythress, Everett Williams and Tyler Skaggs still not gone!

    Do u guys think he can stay behind the plate? Most scouts don't think so!

  2. Hey Burgi, I know nothing past Mr. #1. Maybe Kevin will stop by after he's done and add in some reasons for each pick and a little bit about each player.

  3. in the second or third, was Ben Tootle still available?He is a pretty good college arm in my opinion and if was not for a stomach virus probaly would have gotten picked higher

  4. Holmberg pitched for Port Charlotte High School, so it would be a great thing to see the Rays take a home-town (spring training) kid.

  5. After seeing tonight's TB vs. Yankees game, I think it's time to give Hernandez or Jaso another chance as starting catcher. What's happening to Navarro? Is he the reason there is talk of TB looking to draft a catcher? Would love to see a TB ranking of catchers-from majors through minors. Is there such a list?

  6. Well, catcher is certainly a weak spot in the organization. Basically only two catchers in the system have major-league potential as I see it now:

    John Jaso: He's at AAA. He has a good eye at the plate but is hitting only .220 or so, and defense has always been a question mark.

    Jake Jefferies: He's at low-A. He was the 3rd round pick in 2008, but he's only .247.

  7. What do you know about Catcher Mark Thomas? I hear he has a "rocket of an arm". He was at Hudson Valley last year. Possible potential?

  8. Mark is currently in extended spring training and will likely be playing for Hudson Valley again after they break camp on the 13th. He is a VERY nice person, he is very solid defensively but has struggled with the bat this spring.