Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 Hudson Valley Renegades Roster

Courtesy of The Record Online:

Manager: Brady Williams
Pitching coach: Rafael Montalvo
Coach: Michael Johns
Coach: Manny Castillo
Trainer: Scott Thurston


1 Daniel April (6-1, 190, L/L), Fort Collins, Colo.
13 Angel Chapa (6-2, 193, R/R), Iona, Ind.
19 Zachary Quate (6-1, 200, R/R) Wake Forest, N.C.
23 Jorgi Amargos (5-11, 178, R/R), Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic
26 Albert Suarez (6-3, 223, R/R), Guayama Bolivar, Venezuela
27 Kyle Ayers (6-1, 217, R/R), Oswego, Ill.
30 Kevin Chavez (6-1, 220, R/R), Santa Fe, N.M.
35 Aaron Dott (6-4, 215, R/L), Green Lake, Wis.
36 Juan Santana (6-0, 189, R/R), Santiago, Dominican Republic
41 Bladimir Florentino (6-2, 200, R/R) Azua Guayacanal, Dominican Republic
44 Jeffrey Cinadr (6-6, 200, R/R), Hudson, Ohio
47 Glenn Gibson (6-3, 193, L/L) Center Moriches, N.Y.
48 Alexander Colome (6-0, 195, R/R) San Pedro de Marcoris, Dominican Republic
49 Kyle Lobstein (6-2, 215, L/L) Laughlin, Nev.


20 Mayobanex Acosta (6-1, 210, R/R) Cabrera Nagua, Dominican Republic
22 Mark Thomas (6-1, 205, R/R) Alpharetta, Ga.
28 David Genao (5-9, 223, R/R) Bloomfield, N.J.


4 Bennett Davis (5-10, 185, R/R) Katy, Texas
7 Diogenes Luis (5-10, 177, S/R) San Pedro de Marcoris, Dominican Republic
16 Tyler Bortnick (5-11, 185, R/R) Mentor, Ohio
17 Burt Reynolds (6-0, 199, R/R) Newark, N.J.
18 Eligio Sonoqui (6-1, 227, L/L) Phoenoz, Ariz.
21 Elias Otero (6-0, 162, S/R) Toa Alta, Puerto Rico


5 Brett Nommensen (5-11, 190, L/L) Fox River Grove, Ill.
8 D.J. Jones (5-11, 195, L/L) Gulf Shores, Ala.
11 Christopher Murrill (6-2, 190, L/L) Mobile, Ala
24 Dustin Biell (5-11, 184, L/R) Kenmore, Wash.
38 Gabe Cohen (6-2, 205, R/R) Encino, Calif.


  1. What happened to Chris Luck? After two years in Princeton, I figured he'd be on Hudson Valley's roster.

  2. Dave- it appears that Luck isn't in the Rays organization anymore. He wasn't on the minor league spring training roster and I haven't seen or heard anything involving him during extended spring training.

  3. From the recap of the 7/17 Hudson Valley game that you don't usually see: "•Dustin Biell hits an inside-the-park home run (1) on a ground ball through the hole at second base."

  4. Thats single-A ball for ya. Also feel free to adjust the roster.

    April retired
    Cinadr is in Princeton now
    Suarez is on DL (elbow)

    Jason McEachern is now on roster
    Hunter Hill is now on roster

  5. Gades, did you see the play? Where was the defense. I know Biell is fast but c'mon.

  6. From the Gades website recap: "Hudson Valley upped the tally to 10-3 in the ninth when Biell motored around for an inside-the-park home run off reliever Kenny Fernandez on a missed diving attempt by right fielder Nate Simon."

  7. I did not see it because it was an away game, but I talked to Geoff Brault (Renegades play-by-play announcer) and he said that the RFer dived foward and missed it in shallow right, the ball rolled all the way to the wall.

  8. That makes sense. Except that it doesn't sound like "a ground ball through the hole at second base".

  9. If I come up for one game, which Gades pitcher should I try to see?

  10. I would see Lobstein, if I could pick one game.

  11. Lobstein is the better ranked prospect, but Alexander Colome is the pitcher you want to see. He is the nephew of former major leaguer Jesus Colome, he throws 97 with a good curve and an ok change, and he almost threw a no-hitter on July 3rd.

  12. Also the roster is missing #42 Douglas Salinas

  13. This was just the original roster to start the season. We update transactions with Minor Moves posts, and the link to the up-to-date roster at milb is on the sidebar in the Renegades section.

    Agree with you on Alexander Colome, lots of potential, he could really rise on the Rays pitching prospects list the next year and a half.

    Glad to see so much interest in the Renegades, wish we had more coverage to offer, but we don't have anyone local for stories or pics.

  14. Thanks, Insider. A few years back, I came up to see Townsend when I should have seen Davis and/or McGee.