Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charlotte Stone Crabs Week in Review: 5/7-5/13

Charlotte Stone CrabsThe Stone Crabs went 2-3 for the week and dropped to second place in the FSL South Division, two games behind Fort Myers. The Stone Crabs scored a franchise high 11 runs on May 7 against Palm Beach.

Hitting Leaders: Cody Cipriano continues to lead the offense with a batting average of .307 and a slugging percentage of .560, fourth in the league. Matt Fields is tied for third in the league with 6 home runs and leads the team with 25 RBI’s. Emeel Salem is tied for fourth in the league with 3 triples on the season.

Pitching Leaders: Darin Downs suffered his first loss of the season but still leads the pitchers in wins with 5. Alex Cobb now leads the starters in ERA with 2.65. David Newmann has struck out the most hitters with 34 strikeouts, ranking third in the league. Matt Gorgen and Austin Hinkle have been awesome out of the bullpen with ERA’s of 0.60 and 0.54 respectively and combining for 8 saves so far this year.

Team Stats: The Stone Crabs dropped to seventh in the league in hitting with a team average of .252. They are third in the league in triples with 11 and fourth in the league with 40 stolen bases. The Stone Crabs are ranked seventh in the league in pitching as well with a 3.73 team ERA. They are fourth in the league with 244 strikeouts and second in the league with 11 saves.

Transactions: Mark Thomas transferred to Hudson Valley (5/7/09). Diogenes Luis transferred to Hudson Valley (5/7/09). Craig James was released (5/7/09). Matthew Hall promoted to Durham (5/9/09). Matthew Hall added to the roster from Durham (5/12/09).

Injuries: Stephen Vogt (shoulder)

The Week Ahead: 5/14/09-5/16/09 at Palm Beach (11-12), 5/17/09-5/19/09 vs St. Lucie (18-14), 5/20/09-5/21/09 vs Palm Beach (11-12).


  1. fields doesnt have 54 RBIS he has 25 or so he has 54 total bases just helping you out to get it right

  2. You're right, 25 RBI's and 54 total bases. The thing that worries me about Fields is the 39 strikeouts and only 4 walks.

  3. Anon: Thanks for catching that, I was reading the line and transposed the numbers. He does still lead the team in RBI's with 25. I will correct the article.

    Doug: The strikeouts are huge, he ranks third in the league in K's and I believe he has two so far tonite. However seeing him play, every swing seems to be a swing for the fences. He is also consistant with the home run hitters in the FSL, Mike Stanton who leads the league in HR's has 31 K's. 3 of the top 5 in HR's have over 30 K's. Not trying to justify the K's, but he isn't too far off pace of the other power hitters in the league and the FSL has always been known as a pitchers league.

    Just my personal opinion, take it for what its worth.

  4. He's really a big guy too, your photos of him in the field make him look like a giant at first. But the K's vs. W's are a continuation from last year. In '08 at Vero Beach he only hit .228/.298/.400 in 482 AB's, with 134 SO's in 132 games, with only 33 walks. He should be doing better this year repeating the FSL.

  5. It will be interesting to see how he does in the higher levels. I remember Jay Bruce coming through Sarasota two years ago. He did a good job hitting the ball out of the park but struggled with K's. 67 games in the FSL with 87 hits in 268 AB's 11 of them being homers. He had 67 strikeouts to 24 walks. He's pro now with 21 hr's last season but still struggles with the K.

    I still like Fields and think he has a lot of potential as a power hitter. He needs to work the count better and understand not every swing needs to leave the yard.

  6. Can we get an umpire who can call a homerun a homerun? Stone Crabs 5/16

  7. It has been a tough season so far with the umpire crews. They have been blowing calls all season. Inconsistent strike zones, questionable calls on the bases and now this. Good for Morrison and Cipriano to stand up to them, but its hard to get the point across with someone that can throw you out to avoid admitting they are wrong.

  8. What happened? I know HR called foul, but high over the poll and ump thought foul, or went right past poll and ump didn't see?

  9. fair by feet not inches... a little different than calling balls and strikes......Morrison is a stand up manager!