Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bowling Green Hot Rods Roster

Bowling Green Hot RodsPitchers:
Chris Andujar, Jamie Bagley, Joseph Cruz, Frank De Los Santos, Shane Dyer, Diego Echeverria, Marquis Fleming, Tyree Hayes, Michael Jarman, Matt Moore, Tom Rafferty, Josh Satow, Neil Schenk

Jake Jefferies, Mike McCormick, John Mollicone

Jeremy Beckham, Tim Beckham, Robi Estrada, Mike Sheridan, Jason Tweedy, Isaias Velasquez

Jason Corder, Anthony Scelfo, Henry Wrigley

Field Staff:
Manager: Matt Quatraro
Pitching Coach: R.C. Lichtenstein
Hitting Coach: Hector Torres
Trainer: Nick Medina
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Jared Elliott

Two players are returning to A-ball from the 2008 Columbus Catfish: Mike McCormick and Henry Wrigley. Three are skipping Hudson Valley and moving directly from Princeton in 2008 to Bowling Green: Joseph Cruz, Michael Jarman, and Matt Moore. The rest are all moving up from Hudson Valley.

I still say this team will feature one of the most talented groups of young players in minor league baseball, not just in the Rays organization. Great to see Joseph Cruz making the jump to full-season ball (Moore wasn't as much of a surprise). I was hoping Elias Otero would be here, but with Jason Tweedy and Jeremy Beckham, I guess there just wasn't room. Nick Barnese will join the rotation following rehab (shoulder) at Port Charlotte.


  1. I'm really excited to see how well Durham and Bowling Green do this year. Their teams seemed pretty stacked. The Biscuits should be competitive all year and I dont see the Stone Crabs doing anything special (but I hope they surprise me).

    I was kinda shocked to see Moore in BG but I was stunned to see Cruz. They must really be high on him.

  2. Me too. Also, Frank De Los Santos. Thought he'd be back in Hudson Valley. It's going to be hard to make this rotation, especially after Barnese arrives.

  3. De Los Santos was considered one of the top pitching prospects on the HDV roster last year ... at least by the Rays' roving instructors.

    He'll do just fine in Bowling Green.

    But I agree wholeheartedly that the BG team is pretty stacked. The guy I'm most excited to see is Jason Tweedy. And John Mollicone. I look for Molli to spell Sheridan at first from time to time ... and Tweedy is better than a lot of people might think.

  4. Looks as though Henry Wrigley could have trouble getting his 1st base position back. Also, I'm disappointed not to see catcher Mark Thomas playing here.

  5. There seems to be a glut of good catching prospects in the Rays system,I think that is what is keeping Mark Thomas down. Also that Mike McCormick didnt move up.

  6. Frank de los Santos... enough said.

  7. I agree with Host.
    Plus, Mark is working on his hitting - something he'll get a great chance to do in Hudson Valley.

    The Renegades fans loved him last year - I'm sure they'll love him again this year.