Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Should The Rays Trade For Jake Peavy?

Jake Peavy

Thomas Wayne of Dugout Central says this deal for Jake Peavy makes sense:

- RHP Jeff Niemann
- RHP Andy Sonnanstine
- OF Fernando Perez

This is the deal that haunts the dreams of Theo Epstein and Brian Cashman. If Tampa Bay was willing to take on more money by adding Peavy, all I can say is….wow. Make that WOW. Imagine this starting staff:

- LHP David Price
- RHP Jake Peavy
- LHP Scott Kazmir
- RHP James Shields
- RHP Matt Garza

The Rays already have enough to compete with the Yankees and the Red Sox for the next few years, but do they have enough to win it all? Peavy goes a long way to helping them stay and compete in October.


  1. This will never happen

  2. Big trades usually don't. I'm curious though, why do you think it won't? Big trades in general, the time of the year, the Rays adding payroll, or just the players involved not being of equal value?

  3. I don't think the Rays can afford the additional money. Maybe if we didn't blow so much on Burrell.

  4. San Diego doesn't give up Peavy without a top prospect in return. None here qualify.

  5. if they need a top prospect,why not replace someone with Hellickson?We already have many top pitching pects and some still coming up.
    hellickson seems just like a control freak to me.a lot of scouting reports say he really has no above average pitches

  6. I think you could try and throw Wade Davis and/or Reid Brignac ... though the Pads will need someone better than that, and they'll want a pitching prospect.

    By top prospect here, I mean they'll need a guy with a ceiling as a no. 2 starter or an ace - not a 3-4 guy like Hellickson, Niemann or even Barnese.

    Looking into the system, I think Lobstein could be one arm packaged into the deal, but then the Pads are taking a huge risk on a young and untested arm. You might could get SD to bite on a package with 2-3 prospects - one a premier prospect - and a MLB-ready player.

    But even then I don't think TB will do that. They have no need to, at this point.

  7. just thought id let you know that derek dennis the rays' incoming ss was also a tremendous high school basketball player, when i went to go watch him he was throwing down reverse dunks and drained around 5 threes that were like close to 10 feet beyond the arch and this was in a high school game. For him to make up his mind to play baseball, im expecting him to become an all star player that they can build their team around seeing how he is that athletic.

  8. He is by all accounts a great athlete, but unfortunately for the Rays it looks like he's set on attending Michigan.