Monday, April 27, 2009

Catchers And Their Caught Stealing Rates

I took a look at how John Jaso has done throwing runners out yesterday, so today, here's just about everyone else:

(All stats through April 26th)
John Jaso: 8 SB, 5 CS (38.5%)
Michel Hernandez: 2 SB, 0 CS (0%)
Alex Jamieson: 2 SB, 1 CS (33%)
Craig Albernaz: 3 SB, 4 CS (57.1%)

Matt Spring: 11 SB, 1 CS (8.3%)
Ian Paxton: 1 SB, 2 CS (66%)

Nevin Ashley: 6 SB, 8 CS (57.1%)
Stephen Vogt: 0 SB, 3 CS (100%)

Jake Jefferies: 10 SB, 4 CS (28.6%)
Mike McCormick: 7 SB, 5 CS (41.7%)

The only one who's really struggling is Matt Spring. Part of that might be that Montgomery's staff is easy to steal on, but between Paxton and Albernez(who has split time between AA and AAA), 4 runners have been thrown out in 7 attempts. So it looks like Spring's the problem there.

The Stone Crabs have done a great job killing the running game, throwing out 65% of base stealers. The report on Jake Jefferies out of college was that his catch-and-throw skills were enough to offset an average arm, but a CS% under 30 is a bit of a red flag. Of course, it's early.

Tomorrow I'll turn the tables and see how our baserunners have fared against opposing catchers.


  1. nice to see stats other than hitting, hitting is only 50% of the game.

  2. Spring had difficulties in the Arizona Fall League, as I remember. If you go above the RaysProspects banner to the white box and type in "matt spring" (with the ""s) and click on SEARCH BLOG you can see some examples from my AFL articles (you'll have to scroll down a bit, and click on OLDER POSTS for more). Lots of SBs, errors, and PBs. I didn't worry too much at the time, small sample size + pitchers he doesn't know, etc. But, combined with his hitting stats, beginning to worry about him.