Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RaysProspects Predictions: Introduction

With the season less than a month away, it's time to make some predictions about the farm system so we can look back in 6 months and laugh at ourselves. But instead of just Doug or me giving predictions, we've recruited bloggers and fans from all over the Rays webisphere... so we can laugh at them, too. The panel for our prediction series:

From Rays Index, Cork Gaines.

From DRaysBay, Tommy Rancel and R.J. Anderson.

From MVN, RaysParty.

From Around The Majors and Minor League Notebook, Tyler Hissey.

From RaysBB, Brickhaus.

And from right here, Doug Milhoan and Kevin Gengler.

We asked everyone six questions about the upcoming season, and we'll post everyone's answer to a new question each day. We'll re-visit these at mid-season and then again after the season to see how everyone did.

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