Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rays Predicted To Finish 2nd In AL East

Tampa Bay RaysPaul Catalano at DugoutCentral predicts the Rays to finish behind the Yankees and ahead of the Red Sox:
2. Tampa Rays - Kazmir, Shields, Garza, Sonnanstine, Price, and Wade Davis. Whew…There’s no doubt, the Rays can toss the ball. The MLB’s third-rated team ERA should get even better on the mound what with David Price getting a full year under his belt and Wade Davis biding his time until the eventual call-up. The problem last year – if being the runner-up in the World could be constituted as having a problem – was a dearth of power. Enter Pat Burrell. One problem may be the pen – one of last year’s strengths – where closer Troy Percival will close at the age of 39. However, the Rays have a bunch of young arms, including Grant Balfour and J.P. Howell who can chip in and close out games. All in all, not bad. Enough for second place in the AL East anyway.
Many problems with his analysis (do I have to explain?), but I hope he's right about the results and the Rays finish in front of the Red Sox and (presumably) make the playoffs.

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