Friday, March 13, 2009

Rays Farm System Ranked #2

Tampa Bay RaysVictor Wang at The Hardball Times ranks the Rays farm system #2 in Net Present Value:
Before we jump into the second part of the farm system value rankings, I want to emphasize that these rankings are only for a team's prospects rated in the top 100. This means that farm systems that are deep but may lack some top end talent get hurt. In parts three and four of this series, I will factor in the values of a farm system's other prospects.
2. Tampa Bay Rays, NPV: $141.16 million
Top 100 Prospects: David Price (2), Tim Beckham (14), Wade Davis (31), Desmond Jennings (45), Reid Brignac (59), Jeremy Hellickson (75)
After graduating Evan Longoria, the Rays still are able to come in with the No. 2 system. With young, established major league players and prospects near major league ready, the Rays will have some decisions to make in the near future. Sustaining a top farm system without having top draft picks also will be a new challenge for Tampa Bay.

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