Monday, August 17, 2009

More On Washington: Not A Gator Either?

John Patton of has this on the options available to Rays 1st round draft pick LeVon Washington:
An infielder/outfielder, Washington also was a Gator baseball signee, but a Florida spokesperson said last week that Washington has not met the academic requirements to attend UF. Washington's options now include junior college and independent baseball leagues.
Giving up $1 million plus for junior college or indy ball?


  1. This smacks of another kid who's opinion of himself out distances reality by a large margin. His grades are not good enough to get in to a state college (e.g. he has few good options) and yet he thinks he deserves above slot money for having proven nothing to anyone yet. Two things should happen, the Rays should stand their ground and his agent/advisor should never be allowed to represent another player ever again.

  2. Maybe it is a good thing the Rays didn't sign him. Levon might be conflicted with multiple issues including grades.

  3. I am glad to here this!Dumb @ss wont sign a million dollar contract and now he cant even make Florida!He is going to find himself working at a convience store soon!That or being a career minor leaguer.I hope Strasburg doesnt sign either just for pickin Boras as his agent.People need to stop picking him or there might be more Matt Harringtons.