Monday, August 31, 2009

Baseball America On Jeremy Hellickson

Jeremy HellicksonJ.J. Cooper in the Monday Dish had this to say about Jeremy Hellickson's start on Sunday:
Hellickson sat at 91-94 mph all night, touching 94 in the eighth. His ability to command his fastball left the G-Braves hitters flailing all night, but he was able to complement it with a plus changeup and a curveball that he was able to throw for strikes.

"His feel for pitching has started to match the stuff he’s always had," one scout who’s watched Hellickson recently said. Another scout complimented Hellickson’s above-average knack of staying a pitch ahead of hitters to keep them constantly off balance, which makes his above-average stuff even more potent.


  1. according to a guy on Draysbay Hell boy is developing a sinker, anything on this guys?

  2. They linked to an article on Triangle Offense which pretty much is all I know about it.

  3. I wonder if it is a sinker, or a two seam fastball. Sometimes they get interchanged.

    Haven't seen him in person but could be a better Shields type with more Ks. Would be surprised if he wasn't in the rotation come summer next year.