Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Playoff Picture

Tampa Bay RaysHere is the current playoff picture for the organization as we head into September and the playoffs.

Durham: lead division by 2 games
Montgomery: Eliminated; 11 games back in division
Charlotte: second in division, 6.5 game lead for wildcard berth
Bowling Green: Eliminated; 9.5 games back in division
Hudson Valley: Eliminated; 10 games back in division
Princeton: Eliminated; 10.5 games back in division
GCL Rays: Eliminated; 15 games back in division


  1. Thanks Jim, I should have started doing this a month ago. Others:

    VSL Rays: Finished 2nd in league regular season by 6.5 games. Won VSL playoff championship 2 games to 1 over VSL Pirates.

    DSL Rays: Finished 7th in division, 20.0 games out.

  2. Maybe Durham and Charlotte can get some guys from the lower leagues to help out. IE a Kang or Beckham maybe? Maybe bring back Eldrige, Nowak, and Lobaton for the Bulls.

  3. A little more offensive help would be nice, however lets not forget about the guys that got use there in the first place, speaking on the case of Charlotte. I think I would rather see some of the guys come back to Charlotte that were there in the begining of the season to make the playoff run (Fields, Cipriano, Gorgen). They were a big part in getting the Stone Crabs to where they were and should be a part of the post season run. No offense to any of the guys in the lower leagues, but they will get their chance.

  4. I don't see the 6.5 game lead for the Stone Crabs. It appears to me they have 2.5 game lead over Palm Beach. What am I missing

  5. Fort Myers won the 1st half playoff spot, so they're in. They're also leading the 2nd half standings, so the 2nd playoff spot is awarded to the team with the next best overall record(1st & 2nd half). So they have a 2.5 game lead of Palm Beach in the 2nd half, but including the 1st half, they have a 6.5 game lead over St. Lucie(and an 11.5 game lead over Palm Beach).

  6. (they being Charlotte in that comment)

  7. I always thought that TB was supposed to have such a strong farm system. Why all the eliminations? players? coaches? both?

  8. Farm system strength isn't particularly tied to club success. Durham has a strong club and is headed to the playoffs. Montgomery lacked hitting prospects badly(and now they don't have much pitching either) and they're missing the playoffs. Charlotte didn't have a ton of prospects but they appear headed to the playoffs. Bowling Green has Moore, Barnese, and Beckham(as well as guys like Jefferies/Sheridan/Cruz/etc) and they're missing the playoffs.