Friday, August 14, 2009

4th Round Pick Luke Bailey Signs For $750,000

Jim Callis on the BaseballAmerica Draft Blog has the details. Bailey's bonus is the second-highest from the 4th round so far this year. Here's what BA had on him prior to the draft:

Bailey entered the season at the front of the national group of high school catchers, one of the strongest positions in the draft. He had shown a rare combination of hitting ability, raw power and arm strength, all of which graded above-average, as well as solid athleticism and surprising speed. Bailey's offense had slipped this spring, as he hit just three home runs. Scouts said he was tinkering too much searching for power, trying different strides and different timing mechanisms. Scouts had no questions about him defensively, where he ranks among the best athletes in the prep catcher group, and he showed toughness as a junior by playing through a broken rib. He has plenty of arm strength and was doing some ill-advised pitching for his high school team before going down with Tommy John surgery in April. Bailey has an Auburn commitment, having grown up a fan, but still was expected to be signable, much as the late Nick Adenhart signed after having had the surgery back in 2004.


  1. Bailey might be the highest-ranked 09 draftee on top prospect lists this offseason

  2. are Bailey and Malm ahead of Levon on a prospect list?

  3. Yes! If Bailey didn't hurt his arm,he may have gone in the middle of the 1st round.Malm is a hitting machine. Washington was an over draft...a 2nd or 3rd rounder.