Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bowling Green Hot Rods April Hitter Of The Month

Mike SheridanThe Candidates: Anthony Scelfo, Mike Sheridan, Jake Jefferies. Scelfo put up a .265/.329/.412 line in 68 AB's. He struck out 15 times and was only 2-6 in SB's. Sheridan hit for a .279/.271/.485 line in 68 AB's. He only struck out twice and was 2-2 in SB's, but he did not take a walk the entire month. Jefferies put up a .258/.342/.348 line in 66 AB's. He had more walks (7) than strikeouts (6) and stole the only base he attempted.

The Winner: Mike Sheridan. The low strikeout rate is nice, but he needs to draw some walks, at least enough to get his OBP higher than his batting average (his 2 SF's count when calculating OBP but not in BA). The 21 year-old was drafted by the Rays in 2008 out of the College of William and Mary in the 5th round. Last season for the Hudson Valley Renegades he hit for a .321/.354/.436 line over 78 AB's with only 12 strikeouts.


  1. I agree with your choice of Mike Sheridan.

  2. Beckham in April: .275/.311/.362 with 19 K's and 3 BB's, 0-1 in SB's. Probably finishes 4th, but not a bad first month.