Saturday, April 11, 2009

Extended Spring Training Tidbits

Nick Barnese[This article was written by Nick Hanson, one of our Charlotte Stone Crabs, GCL Rays, and Extended Spring Training correspondents.]

I went to the Rays' extended spring training workout this morning. They have begun games and will play the Reds today at 1 p.m.

Wade Townsend and Woods Fines have reported to Port Charlotte after not reporting to minor league spring training due to injuries. Townsend underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum suffered during the Arizona Fall League, and will likely miss the rest of the season. Not exactly sure what is/was wrong with Fines.

Nick Barnese is in extended spring training, but will be heading to Bowling Green in about three weeks. "Just a little shoulder tendonitis," said Barnese. He appears to be throwing just fine, and said he is pain free.

Jake McGee and James Houser are both working out with extended. Houser will likely report to Durham in a few weeks, but McGee will stay with extended spring training until he is ready to pitch, which should be in July for the Charlotte Stone Crabs.

The teams took batting practice, worked on catching deep balls and robbing home runs, and did baserunning drills. They will play the Cincinnati Reds organization this afternoon and have a camp-day tommorow.


  1. Woods is recovering from an elbow issue.

  2. Good Morning! Is there any way to find out how the guys at extended training are doing? ex--who plays, who sits, batting stats, pitching stats, etc. Thanks

  3. Whatever Nick sends me, I'll post. The Rays told me there are no official stats for minor league spring training, and extended spring, for several reasons. They basically don't follow the rules: substitutions in and out, guys who played earlier put back in, they may decide to have 4 outs in an inning so a pitcher can get more work without sitting through a half inning or to let the defense play with guys on base, etc. The coaches just make up the rules as they go. So stats would be meaningless.

  4. I skipped out on today's camp day (slept in till 11:30, they said they would be done at 11) but I will definitely go to whatever games they have next weekend and observe.

  5. but can you view their schedule?