Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tyler Hissey On A-Rod's Hip

Alex RodriguezFrom Tyler's Articles:
Therefore, the one player who the Yanks can least afford to be without with is now on the shelf. Assuming he loses around 150 at-bats while he is out--and, according to Stephania Bell, he may miss more time than anticipated--his absence could play the difference in a few crucial games in the standings. In the East, that difference could seriously come back to haunt New York--as cruel as it sounds, the Rays and Red Sox have to be ecstatic right now.
Odds are, though, Brian Cashman is on the phone at this moment, trying to find some magic. Or perhaps he is longing for the days when he had Wilson Betemit as an option off the bench. Either way, do not expect Ransom to be the primary replacement at third base.

There is too much at stake for New York to take a risk like that. Although there are some average (being generous there) fill-ins still available via free agency, it would not be a surprise to see Cashman go the trade route. Perhaps he will be able to find a suitable option to fill in until Rodriguez comes back, but, as the world knows, even the best available option will represent a major downgrade.

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