Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Will The Rays Draft In The 1st Round?

The Rays have two picks in the first round of June's Rule 4 draft, at numbers 17 and 31 (comp pick for LeVon Washington). In his latest Mock Draft, Andy Seiler of MLB Bonus Baby has the Rays choosing the following players:
17. Tampa Bay Rays - A.J. Cole, RHP, Oviedo HS (FL) - This is another pick that a team would be thrilled to make. Cole, who is a clear number three behind Taillon and Whitson these days, still offers big upside, but he's failed to make a clear jump forward this year. Plenty of teams will have the chance to take him, but it will be a decision on how much risk they want to take.

31. Tampa Bay Rays - Kyle Blair, RHP, San Diego - Blair has been hanging around for awhile, and while some have written him off as a disappointment from lofty expectations, he's started to come around lately. He still offers a good amount of upside and safety, and his ability to miss bats is hardly questioned. The Rays need a relatively safe, signable pick here, and Blair could fit that mold.
Does anyone have any thoughts or information about either guy? I sort of assumed the Rays would focus on position players, in light of the strength of their organizational pitching depth as opposed to position player depth. At #31 I would think a college hitter is most likely. Remember, if #31 doesn't sign, the Rays lose that pick forever, so signability is a big factor regardless if it's a pitcher or position player.


  1. Cole:




    Those are all some guys we could get. I really like Brentz and Cole. Allie has a really high ceiling too. Blair isn't bad either. I am really excited about our picks. John Sickels had a really nice Mock Draft.

  2. Thanks Michael, good stuff. I don't follow the draft as closely as Kevin and Jake, so I'll let them weigh in, but I just think position players are the way to go. Under a month (can you believe it!!) until we find out. As long as we don't lose the #31 pick, I trust the Rays to make good choices.

  3. Doug,

    Unfortunately, this draft is very pitching heavy and hitting light. With so many good pitchers on the team already, it may seem better to get hitters, but there aren't too many hitters. Harper, Brentz, and Cabrera lead a thin group. Yeah, they better not waste that pick!

  4. No hitters in the #17 and #31 range? I understand not a lot at the top 10-15 area, but there has to be at the mid- lower-1st-round levels, no? Guess I'll follow Andy and JSickels.

  5. Just take the best available player - pitcher or hitter.

  6. There are several hitters. The two that I would love to take if they drop a few picks are Michael Choice and Josh Sale. They are both amazing players to have at our pick. A few others would be Wilson, Brown and Cabrera. Nick Castellanos is a great player, but I hope we don't pick him because we wll not be able to sign him. I would like Cole/Choice for our first pick, with a nice colledge bat or arm for our next. Then stock up on college talent. The guy before this nailed it. Take the best player. And if it came to Choice/Cole, Choice is the pick. We are still a while away though. ;) There is no harm in discussing it though. :D

  7. Well of course you want the best player, but with pick #31 you also have to be sure he's going to sign. If he doesn't the pick goes away forever. So with the #17, pick the best player, but with #31, pick the best signable player.

    Thanks for those names Michael, I'll be sure to look up info on them. Can't believe how soon the draft is, not much time left for players to move up or down on the charts.

  8. For pick #31 I have heard Kyle Blair alot. There is alot to like with signability. Let me know what you think of those guys.

  9. Has anyone seen Blair throw? Wow, the guy is an absolute stud. Heard he had a rocky start to the season, but has been purely dominant the past 2 months. This past Friday, he was one strike away from a no-hitter with 15 ks. The guy has the mentality, too and is very competitive. We could really use him.

  10. Today Andy posted his mock for the supplemental 1st round picks, here's who he had the Rays taking at #42:

    42. Tampa Bay Rays - Reggie Golden, OF, Wetumpka HS (AL) - The Rays typically like bats with athleticism and juice, and Golden fits both of those criteria. Though Golden may seem small at less than six feet tall, he packs an absolute punch, as his raw power is an easy plus. He's a solid athlete, too, and he would fit quite well into the Rays' development system.

  11. Here is where Andy has some of the guys Michael mentioned above, remember we pick at 17, 31, and 42:

    7. New York Mets - Bryce Brentz, OF, Middle Tennessee

    14. Milwaukee Brewers - Josh Sale, OF, Bishop Blanchet HS (WA)

    15. Texas Rangers - Michael Choice, OF, UT Arlington

    20. Boston Red Sox - Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL)

    24. San Francisco Giants - Austin Wilson, OF, Harvard-Westlake HS (CA)

    25. St. Louis Cardinals - Gary Brown, OF, Cal State Fullerton

    27. Philadelphia Phillies - Yordy Cabrera, SS, Lakeland HS (FL)

    48. Detroit Tigers - Stetson Allie, RHP, St. Edward HS (OH)

  12. brentz looks high there. He isn't that high on most draft. Nick Castellanos is falling there because of his price tag. Stetson Allie has an eletric arm that can hit triple digits(possible closer?). Blair is a beast. Amazing arm. Wonder how he would fit in the Rays system.Reggie Golden: Sounds good. Doug, I hope you keep the site updated about the draft!