Friday, October 31, 2008

Prospect Poll: #4 Pitcher

Jeremy HellicksonJeremy Hellickson wins the Rays #3 Pitching Prospect with 65% of the vote. Jeff Niemann and Matt Moore tied for second with 9%. Replacing Hellickson in the poll for #4 is RHRP Ryan Reid, our 2006 7th round pick out of James Madison. For pitcher statistics (you'll have to search by name) see Baseball-Reference, First Inning, StatCorner, or Minor League Baseball. Here are links to the StatCorner pages for each candidate for you tRA fans: Barnese (they don't do A-), Cobb, Houser, Lobstein (DNP), McGee, Moore (they don't do Rookie), Niemann, Reid, Rollins, Talbot.

1. David Price (78% of the vote)
2. Wade Davis (58%)
3. Jeremy Hellickson (65%)


  1. This is where the fun should start. I think Price-Davis-Hellickson is pretty much a lock as the 1-2-3, but for #4, cases can be made for Niemann, Talbot, Moore, and even McGee. FWIW, I went with Niemann. Still high on him, even though I LOVE Talbot(he's in my avatar on raysbb), and Moore is good too...

  2. Talbot wins tRA* with 4.07.

  3. Agree with Kevin, many choices are defensible. I went Talbot because he's proven he can handle AAA, other than Niemann, the others haven't. A lot can happen between A, A-, and rookie ball on the way to AAA: injuries, brick wall, etc. It really does become more interesting as we move along. Imagine how these guys would be hyped as if they were in the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, or Cubs organizations. Heath Rollins the next Mussina, Matt Moore the next Cole Hamels, Nick Barnese... Hope the interest in voting on these continues. I'll leave this one up for a while, until a clear winner emerges. Let me know if the links help, I like StatCorner but they only have 2007-8 and don't go below A ball. BB-REF has everyone in the org through their whole career, but no advanced stats. If links to another site would be helpful, just say so.

  4. Since many of our readers only log in during the "work" week, I'll leave the poll up through Monday. Not enough votes yet to declare Niemann the winner IMO.