Friday, October 24, 2008

AFL Update

Mike WlodarczykMike Wlodarczyk has updated his blog:

As the Arizona Fall League finishes up it's third week of play, the Javelinas are in midseason form. Thursday's loss broke a four game winning streak to bring us in at 9 - 6 as we head into an off day for the All Star Game on Friday.

The biggest adjustment for me with the Fall League was getting used to the change in scheduling. As most of you know, the majority of the games here are in the afternoon rather than in the evening like during the regular season, so it is much more like a 9 to 5 job rather than the awkward hours that we usually have to work with.

The 'All Star Game' Mike is referring to is tonight's third annual AFL Rising Stars Showcase. RHRP Ryan Reid is the only Rays player and will play for the National Division team. The Rising Stars Showcase is on Gameday. Here are the starting lineups:

Tommy HansonAmerican Rising Stars
Burriss SS
Ford 2B
Murphy DH
Flowers C
Morrison 1B
Huffman, C LF
Wallace 3B
Wells RF
Reddick CF
SP is Tommy Hanson (ATL, pictured)

Phil HughesNational Rising Stars
Jackson, A CF
Triunfel 2B
Wieters C
Doolittle 1B
Hodges DH
Halman RF
Stubbs LF
Ryal 3B
De Jesus SS
SP is Phil Hughes (NYY, pictured)

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