Sunday, October 26, 2008

Organizational Batting Leaders: Walks

John Jaso
Johnson, Dan28AAA84
Fronk, Reid21A74
Jaso, John (pictured)24AA, AAA72
Merrill, Ronnie29AA, AAA67
Eldridge, Rashad26AA64
Nowak, Chris25AA, AAA62
Perez, Fernando25AAA58
Asanovich, Josh25AA58
Loyola, Maiko22A56
Richard, Chris34AAA55
Andrus, Erold23AA53
Ashley, Nevin23A+49
Martinez, Gabriel25AA49
Fontaine, Chase22A, A+48
Vogt, Stephen23A47


  1. Not commenting on the walks. Tho I think you should have noted Jaso's strikeouts too, just to show how much plate discipline he has.

    I love the top of the home page. Good work. I'd suggest tabs along the top as well. Each minor league level can have its own tab and you could show stuff like stats, rosters, etc...

  2. Strikeouts are in the cue this week. Thanks re the banner, I couldn't stand the old look any longer. I agree on the tabs, but I don't know if it's possible. Blogger and I are not friends when it comes to getting it to do what I want.