Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Organizational Pitching Leaders: Strikeout to Walk Ratio

Omar Bencomo
Bencomo, Omar (pictured)19.6VSL18.3
Liriano, Nelson20.8DSL8.5
Ayers, Kyle19.0R8.3
Hellickson, Jeremy21.4A+, AA8.1
Gorgen, Matthew21.6A-7.0
Bagley, Jamie21.2R, A-6.7
Darcy, Jesse23.3A6.5
Suarez, Albert18.9R5.3
Rodriguez, Wilking18.5VSL4.8
Schenk, Neil22.3A-4.8
Cruz, Joseph20.2R4.4
Luck, Chris19.2R4.4
Rollins, Heath23.3A+, AA4.2
Moore, Matthew19.3R4.1
Talbot, Mitch24.9AAA4.0

For a frame of reference, here are the overall league SO/BB ratios for the higher levels: International League = 2.3, Southern League = 1.9, Florida State League = 2.1, South Atlantic League =2.5. Note: Minimum 20 IP for rate stats and only players younger than 26.0 are included as anyone older I don't consider a "prospect."

Others: IP, ERA, FIP, DIPS, BB/9, H/9, SO, SO/9


  1. How come I never see anything written about LHP reliever JOSH SATOW---graduate of Arizona State and at Hudson Valley this past season. He had the top ERA at 1.23.

  2. He did have a good year, even if it was only 36.2 IP. But you would expect him to given his age and experience at a top program like ASU. The reasons he doesn't stand out: there were several other relievers at HV who had good years, age/level (22.8, not in full-season ball yet), projectability (listed at 5'10", 155 pounds), and he's already a reliever at A- level. He'll have to continue to put up great numbers as he moves up with the hope of becoming a LOOGY. To be clear, there's nothing WRONG with Satow, he just doesn't have as much upside as others in an organization loaded with pitching. In a weaker org he would get more notice.