Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huson Valley season in review: Pitching

Hudson Valley finished 40-35, 9.0 out of first in the New York-Penn. Here is a look at the final pitching stats sorted by IP:

Gibson, Glenn20.93212100.17.275.405.086.54.912.11.3
Hayes, Tyree20.1151271.23.393.984.
Barnese, Nick19.7131366.02.451.992.1711.
Andujar, Chris21.0151565.15.653.603.417.94.311.20.3
Echeverria, Diego23.717664.14.485.034.664.
Dyer, Shane20.5141458.23.683.593.607.
De Los Santos, Frank20.8111156.25.403.
Schenk, Neil22.220038.02.842.042.1912.
Satow, Joshua22.719036.
Fleming, Marquis22.016135.03.864.914.778.
Della Grotta, Robert23.918033.12.974.133.868.
Bagley, Jamie21.120033.03.553.083.0310.
Long, Matthew23.915027.17.573.713.5511.54.311.21.0
Gorgen, Matthew21.622023.01.962.071.9813.
Rafferty, Thomas23.615020.24.352.382.3210.
Welch, Scott25.8505.113.514.894.458.43.423.61.7

Barnese was incredible, but Dyer and Hayes had solid years too. Schenk, Satow and Gorgen, all 2008 draft picks, were dominant out of the pen. I've given you my thoughts on Gibson before. Note: In these reviews, pitchers are listed with the affiliate they finished the year and the stats are for the full season. For example, Price will be in the Durham review with stats from all levels combined. I will break out stats by level for each player in the upcoming Top Prospects articles.

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  1. Barnese is my favorite pitching prospect lower than AA ball. The guy is a beast. Do you think he'll move up like Hellickson? By that I mean moving up one level a year. Hellickson had injuries that set him back and so far Barnese hasnt. Haynes and Dyer look like good sleepers. Hopefully they all have great seasons next year to continue the reputation of our minor league system.

  2. I'm working on an article that compares all of our pitchers who started in the org as teenagers, mostly highschool draftees. The primary idea was to see how Barnese or Cobb compared to some older prospects like Davis or Hellickson. But, it also shows how the Rays move pitching prospects through the system. They are fairly rigid with the young guys, one level at a time until A+, then a midseason promotion to AA. I think Barnese will go to Bowling Green for the entire year. 2010, he starts moving faster.

  3. That should be a very good read an im looking forward to it. So you dont think Barnese moves up if he dominates in BG?

  4. The article shows they move the young guys up one step at a time until A+, college guys move differently (see Price, not a typical pitcher obviously). Unless they break the mold, he stays in BG. And don't forget, both BG and PC are new franchises, so there might be a lack of pitching at PC that makes them more aggressive with Nick. Fan support may play a (minor, only if they think he can succeed)role. But they have not in the past (see Cobb and Darcy and Hinkle this year, Hellickson last year).