Friday, September 26, 2008

2008 MLE's

Chone Smith ("Rally Monkey") has put together a spreadsheet of all minor league hitters MLE's for 2008 with the following criteria:

"All players who had at least 150 plate appearances combined at levels AAA, AA, and A+. I'm not doing mle translations for low A, or any of the short season or rookie leagues."

And Dan Szymborski has even more MLE's at BBTF, including:

"Everyone from AAA down through Short-Season low-A leagues are included, hitting and pitching."

The spreadsheets are after the links above. For Chone's, if a little box pops up, click 'cancel' and the spreadsheet will open. I'd list some examples of our hitters, but it's too depressing. Okay, one Michael Sheridan (A-) .250/.268/.287. MLE's are fun, and these two guys in particular put in an incredible amount of time developing them. Have fun, but don't put too much weight in them. The further you get from MLB, the less these mean.

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