Friday, September 12, 2008

Organizational Pitching Leaders: Highest Strikeouts per 9

Matthew Gorgen
Gorgen, Matthew (pictured)21.6A-13.7
Hinkle, Austin22.3A12.9
Moore, Matthew19.2R12.8
Schenk, Neil22.2A-12.6
Long, Matthew23.9R, A-11.5
Mavares, Deivis21.9VSL11.5
Barnese, Nick19.7A-11.5
Reid, Ryan23.3A+, AA11.4
Satow, Joshua22.7A-11.3
Jarman, Michael23.3R10.9
Bagley, Jamie21.1R, A-10.9
Rafferty, Thomas23.6A-10.9
Liriano, Nelson20.8DSL10.8
Cruz, Joseph20.1R10.3
Lara, Braulio19.7DSL10.3

Note: Minimum 20 IP for rate stats and only players younger than 26.0 are included as anyone older I don't consider a "prospect."


  1. Moore and Barnese stand out based on Age/Level

  2. I set the IP low so we could see the HV and DSL/VSL guys, maybe I should have set it higher. Or, I guess I could have made a column for IP. Anyway, I thought these were fun to look at.