Thursday, September 11, 2008

Columbus season in review: Pitching

Columbus finished the 1st half 27-43, 19.0 out of first in the Sally. They had a much better second half, finishing in 2nd place with a 40-26 record, 5.5 games out. Here is a look at the final pitching stats sorted by IP:

Cobb, Alex20.92525139.23.294.404.
Darcy, Jesse23.22919133.03.053.423.366.
Flores, Brian23.72921118.04.193.963.915.
Ragan, Jason25.72422108.04.334.664.515.
Hall, Jeremy24.92119105.14.613.753.657.
Johnson, Joshua23.9281387.05.794.744.416.13.610.30.9
Boggan, Kevin23.336072.23.103.863.866.
Garcia, Justin21.741072.12.492.722.719.
Mejias, Jose23.034059.04.735.
Baird, John22.328457.07.264.594.279.04.611.81.1
Risser, Travis23.734054.03.173.483.437.
Hinkle, Austin22.333046.22.512.242.2912.
Barnett, Travis24.918031.07.554.494.218.14.610.20.9
Fines, Woods23.06419.27.324.834.844.13.710.50.9

Cobb and Hinkle have a lot of fans, but I prefer Darcy and Garcia. Regardless, they all had good years and we'll see how they all shake out in Port Charlotte next year.

Note: In these reviews, pitchers are listed with the affiliate they finished the year and the stats are for the full season. For example, Price will be in the Durham review with stats from all levels combined. I will break out stats by level for each player in the upcoming Top Prospects articles. Also, only players younger than 26.0 are included as anyone older I don't consider a "prospect."

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