Friday, September 12, 2008

Organizational Pitching Leaders: Lowest Hits per 9

Justin Garcia
Gorgen, Matthew21.6A-2.7
Liriano, Nelson20.8DSL4.1
Moore, Matthew19.2R5.0
Garcia, Justin (pictured)21.7A5.1
Mavares, Deivis21.9VSL5.5
Jarman, Michael23.3R6.1
McEachern, Jason17.9R6.1
Hinkle, Austin22.3A6.2
Jasco, Joselo19.9DSL6.3
Reid, Ryan23.3A+, AA6.4
Lopez, Kevin19.8VSL6.5
Houser, James23.7AA6.6
Niemann, Jeff25.5AAA6.8
Wilsino, Juan19.4DSL6.9
Molina, Alberto17.2DSL7.0

Note: Minimum 20 IP for rate stats and only players younger than 26.0 are included as anyone older I don't consider a "prospect."

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  1. Moore, McEachern, and Molina stand out based on age/level