Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Open Thread: Waiting For Rosters

The opening day rosters for the Rays full-season affiliates have not yet been announced. We will post each one as it becomes available. In the mean time use this post for roster discussion, speculation, news, etc.

This is one of my favorite times of the season, and it should be a fun few days (hours?). Any guesses on who will skip a level, or repeat the same level?

Also, feel free to post any ideas you have for our coverage of the affiliates and players this season. As they say, there are no dumb ideas. We may not be able to do it, but we appreciate your suggestions.

Regular season:

Durham Bulls: first game – April 7th
Montgomery Biscuits: first game – April 7th
Charlotte Stone Crabs: first game – April 7th
Bowling Green Hot Rods: first game – April 7th
Hudson Valley Renegades: first game – June 17th
Princeton Rays: first game – June 21st
GCL Rays: first game – June 20th
VSL Rays: first game – May 16th
DSL Rays: first game – TBA (late May)


  1. Per Stacy Long, Richard De Los Santos will be Durham's opening day starter. Dirk Hayhurst, Alex Torres, Alex Cobb and Edgar Gonzalez will be the rest of the rotation.

    Matt Moore is reported to be Montgomery's opening day starter. Heard Jeremy Hall is returning to Montgomery this season.

  2. Barnese, Archer & Moore all thought they were heading to the Biscuits when I spoke with them the other day, so no surprise. I am headed back by the stadium in a about an hour, will stop and see if anybody has all the assignments.

    Or is Stacy Long still there?

  3. Cody Rogers will be prowling the outfield for the HOT RODS to start the season....he's healthy now, so lets see what he can do. GO CODY!!!

  4. Fleming, Schenck, Quate going to AA.

  5. Satow back to Port Charlotte. :( Sorry to see him not going to Montgomery.

  6. I would like to have seen Mike Sheridan move up to Montgomery instead of Matt Sweeney.

  7. When does the season start, Monday? And any chance Shuman makes the jump to AA?

  8. so what do the guys assigned to hudson valley ro below until the season starts in june? go to extended spring training?

  9. Minor league season starts on Thursday. Shuman has the stuff to pitch in AA but according to Stacy Long isn't really in the mix, so he'll start at Charlotte.

    And yup, guys who will play in short-season leagues start in extended spring training.

  10. I added all of the teams opening dates to the post, KG covered the rest.

    Still no rosters...

  11. Kyeong Kang will be a Biscuit. Rumor was he would have to stay at Charlotte to be with Hak-Ju Lee, since both are Korean. Glad to see he wasn't held back because he could speak a language, silliest reason ever. Now if he would just hit like I think he can...

    Think I should renew by bet from last preseason: higher season OPS - Kyeong Kang or Tim Beckham? DiamondTom?

  12. is there any schedule/location of where extended spring training will be held?

  13. Doug, I will take Beckham and I don't think it will be close. I have not been a fan of the number #1 overall pick, but this year I think He starts to realize his potential. New era Hot Rods cap, home or away, your choice if you win.

  14. I went by the facility this morning and they were waiting for final announcements due to Longo injury, now to the DL. Lopez up, whch impacts all the rest. They will be sending final rosters to the affiliates this afternoon, so I was told.

  15. DiamondTom - nah, I was just asking if I should. We should pick something BG related for a bet. Let's wait until we see the OD roster and try to find something then. I like the hat idea though, when we pick something I'll put up a HV Renegades hat.

    I'm actually checking out some gear right now, want some P-Rays stuff. They don't have a ton of choices, think I'm going to go with this one:

    Extended spring training is for players who are headed to short-season affiliates (HV, Princeton, GCL) and injury rehabs. It's at the Charlotte complex. Nick was out there last year, I don't remember all the details on how open it was, maybe he'll chime in with more.

  16. DAng, it doesn't start till Thursday? That sucks. THanks for the dates though guys.