Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extended Spring Training And Rehab Rosters

After the first couple of weeks of transactions this season, here are the players I still have listed on the extended spring training and injury rehab rosters:

Extended Spring Training:

Pitchers: Andrew Bellatti, Roque Colon, Marcus Jensen, Daniel Johnson, Ian Kendall, Andrew Leary, Reinaldo Lopez, Parker Markel, Jason McEachern, Eduar Quinonez, Trevor Shull, Pedro Silvestre, Matt Swilley, Cristian Vasquez, Stepan Havlicek, Brandon Henderson, Kevin James, Jose Molina, Jacob Partridge, Shawn Smith, Matt Spann, Justin Woodall

Position players: Keith Castillo, Jake DePew, Omar Narvaez, Justin O'Conner, Gerardo Olivares, Junior Rodriguez, Alejandro Segovia, Tanner Biagini, Ryan Brett, Travis Flores, Darryl George, Felix Gonzalez, Jeff Malm, Julian Morillo, Juniel Querecuto, Leonardo Reginatto, Brian Bryles, Joel Caminero, Deshun Dixon, Edward Dorville, Cesar Guillen, Craige Lyerly, Josh Sale, Drew Vettleson, Chris Winder

Injury Rehab:

Wilmer Almonte, Jairo De La Rosa, Robert Dickmann, Jesse Hahn, James Hill, Mickey Jannis, Will Kline, Ricky Orta, Wilking Rodriguez, Albert Suarez, Kirby Yates, Julio Cedeno, Shawn O'Malley, Lucas Montero, Ty Morrison, Emeel Salem, Isaias Velasquez

The only other players not listed on a full-season roster were mentioned earlier today: Kyeong Kang and Alejandro Torres. They were both assigned to the Hudson Valley Renegades, but should be considered as 'inactive' for Montgomery and Bowling Green, respectively.

The above lists and the new Depth Chart do not include players on the VSL and DSL Rays rosters.


  1. How long till Hahn will be ready? I really liked him before the injury, and TJ isn't so bad anymore.

  2. Haven't heard any recent reports on Hahn. Last ones I remember had him beginning to throw during the summer, so not likely to see game action this year, maybe some GCL since it's in Pt. Charlotte at the complex. But again that's old expectations, could be ahead or behind schedule. One thing I've noticed is that each year we get less and less on injury/rehab news, teams are very tight lipped any more, must be privacy regulations.

    I was opposed to the Hahn pick/signing, and Kevin was for it. To me it's just too much $ and risk for a guy we know is hurt. Despite the advances in TJS there is no guarantee he'll ever pitch or pitch up to his previous level. But if he comes back fine he could be a steal. I just don't think he's the kind of pick/risk the Rays need to be taking. As always, hope I'm wrong.

    Did anyone else hear today that Daniel Johnson (the XST pitcher above, not Dan Johnson TBR 1B) was released? Thought I saw it on twitter but can't confirm.

    Lots of talent on the injury rehab list, should help BG/Charlotte/Montgomery soon.

  3. Doug, I am sure you will like this quote from Keith Law about what he has heard about the Ray's draft: "I've heard they're going to take the best players available and will go over slot. They would be insane to do otherwise."

  4. Oh I don't have a problem with that, we want the best players available and those cost big bonuses. Besides, we'll never have another draft like this, so let's make the most of it.

    Just count the arms and legs and fingers and toes before you write out any six-figure bonuses is all I ask. Don't give a pitcher facing surgery on his throwing arm $525k to sit out almost 2 years and see how it goes from there. Oh well, at least we didn't sign Austin Wood.

  5. So excited for the draft. Good to hear the Rays going all in.

    Right now (I know, way too early) I've the Rays taking the following players. There are lots of things I like about every of those players:
    24 Mahtook (OF/COL), 31 Cron (C/1B/COL), 32 Baez (3B/2B/C/HS), 38 Beede (RHP/HS), 41 Meo (RHP/COL), 42 Nimmo (OF/HS), 52 Armstrong (RHP/COL), 56 Flamion (COF/HS), 59 Panik (SS/COL), 60 Radke (LHP/HS), 75 Vollmuth (3B/COL), 89 Tilson (CF/HS), 119 Wiper (RHP/HS) ... later on: Navery Moore (RHP/COL), Dylan Davis (RHP/HS), Riley Moore (C/HS), Mike McGee (RHP/COL)

  6. Mmm, draft talk. We need to get a draft post up sometime, I've got 2 more time consuming projects scheduled for this weekend, but maybe next week.

    Mahtook would be great, but I think he'll be gone before we pick. Not excited about Cron, but wouldn't mind Meo and Armstrong. Panik and Vollmuth are good, I think Tilson will be gone long before 89.

    I'd like one of Tyler Anderson or Jose Fernandez (but both may be gone), and one of John Stilson or Meo. With one of the supp picks I hope we grab Andy Chafin out of Kent State. Also hope Alex Meyer drops enough we can grab him with a supp pick, he'd be a nice project. I like pitchers, as you can tell.

  7. I would love for Mathook to drop to us. I'm one thats is hoping for a somewhat college heavy draft early. or at least a 6-6 spilit between college and HS. I also like Meo. If Burgi's draft plan happened, I would be excited. Now I just have one draft question. Who is considered the better of Beede And Michael Kelly? Both have good size and are right handers, but from what I have read, Kelly has better velocity and good offspeed pitches and just sounds like a better pitcher overall, but most mocks I see have Beede going before Kelly. Does Kelly want a lot of money if drafted or have some concern about his delivery, or is Beede just better?

  8. Josh Bell is all I need to say.

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  11. I honestly haven't looked into the draft enough yet to give you a good answer. Perhaps Doug or another commenter would know?

  12. I've only really followed the college players this year, and primarily the pitchers. Other than BA of course, make sure to check out