Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Charlotte Stone Crabs Roster

Here are the 2011 Charlotte Stone Crabs........

Chris Andujar
Alex Colome
Frank De Los Santos
Sergio Espinosa
Michael Jarman
Merrill Kelly
Alex Koronis
Adam Liberatore
Kyle Lobstein*
Deivis Mavarez
Shane Minks
Josh Satow
Scott Shuman
Albert Suarez*
Jake Thompson
Kirby Yates*

Mayo Acosta
Mark Thomas
David Wendt

Tyler Bortnick
Julio Cedeno*
Matt Hall
Hak-Ju Lee*
Anthony Scelfo
Greg Sexton
Michael Sheridan

Dustin Biell
Gabe Cohen
Ty Morrison*
Chris Murrill
Brett Nommensen

* disabled list


  1. So ...
    McEachern is in extended spring and will supposedly be added to BG!?
    Wilmer Almonte is nowhere to find.
    Wilking Rodriguez will also be added to Port Charlotte when healthy!?

    Happy to see Bailey, Price and Glaesmann in BG. Would've hoped for Vettleson and Sale as well, though ... but ... the Rays know best!

  2. Vettleson is back to pitching.

  3. No, Vettleson is not pitching.

  4. That was our April Fools post, Anonymous :P

  5. A couple comments- I, too, could not decided if the Vettleson post was true or not. I think that April Fool's jokes should be either deleted after April 1st or a statement should be made saying that it's a joke.
    I get a sense that Hudson Valley will get a bulk of the new draft picks, since the higher Princeton kids, once again, are pretty much in Bowling Green.
    Sad to see just how many Hudson Valley players from last year's roster have been released within the year.

  6. Any news on who will be the starters? Obviously Colome and Thompson will be, but I'll guess de los Santos, Andujar, and Kelly are the others until Lobstein and Suarez come back.

  7. DLS, Andujar, and Kelly would be my guess as well. Deivis Mavarez and Michael Jarman are the other possibilities.

  8. When he comes back, I see his fastball returning with him and Lobstein having a break out season.

  9. Looks like a fun season in Charlotte! Biell made some nice plays in the OF this Spring, the infield looks good and the rotation should be tested. Looking forward to it!

  10. Don't bitch Anon. That fricken joke got me real good. I didn't notice until the third time I looked at it. I thought about it for 2 days, I was pissed about the possible move. I couldn't figure out why we would take another bat out of the system. It was great. If you don't have the humor to let it go, then you're exactly the type of co-worker I would target for 4/1 pranks.

  11. any guesses on who will be the starters on this team? OF, C, SS? Hall or Bortnick? Thomas or Wendt? I know Ty is injured so who will be main guys in the OF?

  12. At least Lee isn't hurt like so many others, only chicken pox.

  13. Just purely a guess but I would go:

    C - Thomas
    1B - Sheridan
    2B - Bortnick/Hall
    SS - Lee/Hall
    3B - Sexton
    OF - Morrison (when healthy)
    OF - Murrill
    OF - Nommensen

  14. To Bob Lablah~ I'm disappoinated in your comment to Anonymous, since I have a feeling it was directed to me. I wasn't b----ing. What I was trying to do was just make a suggestion that when April Fool's Day is over, and we've all finished laughing at the joke, perhaps it's time to remove it. Does that mean I don't have a sense of humor? Nope.

  15. It's a shame that Josh Satow was sent back to Charlotte. I hope not for too long.

  16. Who the hell does Shane Minks think he is?!? Lol. Non-drafted free agent last year, spent time in the GCL, Princeton, and Bowling Green (1 week) and now he's in High-A? Impressive.

  17. Jim -

    What's the ETA on some of the DL guys, asdie from Lee's Chix pox.

    What's up with the injured guy - any gone for extended time?

  18. So, is Jason McEachern in Extended Spring training in Port Charlotte still? Will he stay with the Stonecrabs this season?

  19. Sounds like Jason McEachern will start in extended spring training and make it to Bowling Green or Charlotte by May or June.

  20. Pronunciation Guide from the PR:

    M. Acosta - My-oh-ban-ex
    A. Colome - Co-low-may
    A. Liberatore - Libber-rah-tore
    K. Lobstein - Lob-steen
    C. Murrill - Mearle
    A. Scelfo - Sell-foe
    J. Szekely - Zeck-lee

    Co-low-may? That one will take me a while to get used to.

  21. Why are Lobstein, Suarez and Yates on the DL?

  22. Suarez had a knee injury in major-league camp, not sure about the other two.

  23. to anon who asked about shane minks...

    it's pretty simple dude. i mean i suppose you know nothing about minor league ball considering he is about to turn 23 and combined for a 1.16 at gcl princeton and bg.

    so no it's not a surprise that he is in charlotte

  24. and anon...

    it's a pretty simple equation in the minors...

    you put up good numbers = you advance.

    doesn't matter whether or not you are drafted or not

  25. Just saying, he was only in BG for a week last season.. Not like the Rays to skip like that.. Maybe it had something to do with injuries? Anyways, good for him, hope he keeps advancing. Love the underdog stories.