Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minor Moves: 4/28

The following transactions have occurred today effecting the Rays minor league system:

  • Cody Cipriano placed on 7-day DL.

  • Nate Garcia placed on 7-day DL (ACL)

  • Jeremy Hall promoted to Durham from Montgomery.

  • JP Howell assigned to Charlotte for MLB rehab.

  • Kyeong Kang assigned to Montgomery from extended spring training.

  • Drew Leary assigned to Charlotte from extended spring training.

  • Kyle Lobstein activated from DL.

  • Evan Longoria assigned to Montgomery for MLB rehab.

  • Jack Thompson placed on 7-day DL (elbow)

  • Alejandro Torres added to Bowling Green roster from extended spring training.


  1. I wonder about the milb listings for Garcia and Thompson. Both say "ACL tear/right knee)".

    First, 2 ACL's at once, both right knees?

    Second, the missing "(" at the beginning of both entries.

    Milb has screwed up transactions more than I care to remember. Since Garcia also says retroactive to 4/25, I'm guessing his is the wrong one. Why would you make it retro for an ACL? Not like something small where you do that so they can play again sooner. So I'm guessing Thompson is the real ACL tear.

    Just my thinking, but something isn't right. We'll have to see.

    I'll update the depth chart with Garcia, Leary, Thompson and Torres. Not changing Longo or Howell since it's rehab they don't count against the roster even though they play. The rest I did last night, including the new guy Thall.

  2. I have updated the information on Thompson. MiLB incorrectly reported the injury to be an ACL tear, it was actually an elbow injury.

  3. Dietrich & Brett up the middle....would be awesome

  4. Brett and Querecuto should be nice too