Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Bowling Green Hot Rods Roster

2010 team in parentheses.

*De La Rosa, Jairo (Bowling Green)
Garcia, Nate (Hudson Valley)
Hiscock, Stephen (Hudson Valley)
Hubbard, Austin (Hudson Valley)
Jensen, George (Princeton)
*Kline, William (None, injured)
Lara, Braulio (Princeton)
Mateo, Victor (Princeton)
Patterson, Jimmy (Hudson Valley)
Rearick, Chris (Princeton)
Riefenhauser, C.J. (Princeton and Bowling Green)
*Rodriguez, Wilking (Bowling Green)
Romero, Enny (Princeton)
Stabelfeld, Matthew (Bowling Green)
Suero, Eliazer (Princeton)

Bailey, Lucas (GCL Rays)
Holloway, Kyle (Princeton, Hudson Valley, and Durham)
Torres, Alejandro (Hudson Valley)

Dietrich, Derek (Hudson Valley)
Estrada, Robi (Bowling Green)
Guevara, Hector (Princeton)
Price, Robby (Hudson Valley)
Tinoco, Steven (Hudson Valley)
Wunderlich, Phil (Hudson Valley)

Glaesmann, Todd (Princeton)
Kiermaier, Kevin (Princeton)
Rogers, Cody (Bowling Green)
Schwaner, Nick (Hudson Valley)

* Disabled list

The PR with the roster says the starting rotation will be: Enny Romero, Braulio Lara, C.J. Riefenhauser, George Jensen, and Victor Mateo, in some order.

Thoughts: Good to see Glaesmann, Kiermaier, Guevara, Romero, Lara and Bailey make the jump to BG. The PR says this on the injuries: "starter Wilking Rodriguez and reliever Jairo De La Rosa are both recovering from shoulder injuries." Mateo has been a personal favorite, surprised he's in the rotation though. Assuming they want Guevara, Price and Dietrich all in the lineup, who plays 3B?


  1. Pretty telling that Glaesmann/Bailey made the roster but Malm didn't.

  2. Guess McEachern made Charlotte, wonder if Wilmer Almonte did too?

  3. I guess they both have to be there, right? Unless they're hurt and in XST. Merill Kelly, Kirby Yates, and Scott Shuman should all be in the bullpen. McEachern fifth starter, Almonte in the bullpen?

  4. So top 10 round picks are:

    Dietrich - 2nd 2010
    Glaesmann - 3rd 2009
    Bailey - 4th 2009
    Rogers - 7th 2009

    and I guess also Kline - 2nd 2007.

  5. It's weird finally seeing a full-season team where I'm probably more excited about the hitters (Glaesmann, Bailey, Guevara, Rogers, Dietrich plus more mildly Price and Wunderlich) but I guess that's a product of the focus on bats in recent drafts.

  6. Rotation:

    2 2008 international free agents (Lara and Romero)
    2006 int FA (Mateo)
    20th rounder 2010 (Riefenhauser)
    46th rounder 2010 (Jensen)

    Lara and Romero are nice prospects but both are skipping a level, and the rest are major question marks. Even adding Wilking (assuming he stays in BG and doesn't move up to Charlotte quickly) this is not a rotation to be overly confident in.

    I assume Hubbard will close, interested to see how he does, was incredible for HV last year.

  7. Here are the prospects I have MIA and presumed to be in the Charlotte roster:

    Wilmer Almonte
    Alex Colome
    Sergio Espinosa
    Merrill Kelly
    Alex Koronis
    Kyle Lobstein
    Jason McEachern
    Scott Shuman
    Albert Suarez
    Jake Thompson

    Tyler Bortnick
    Julio Cedeno
    Hak-Ju Lee
    Ty Morrison
    Brett Nommensen

  8. Mark Thomas and Jake Jefferies as catchers, Mike Sheridan at 1B, Chris Murrill in the outfield to round out the starting position players.

  9. I believe Gabe Cohen has also made the club as an outfielder. Heard that Ty Morrison is recovering from a shoulder injury so you might not hear from him early on.

  10. Morrison was originally slated to be in the lineup for a major-league ST game but was scratched, so that makes sense. Hopefully it's nothing serious. And is just me or are there an awful lot of minor leaguers starting the year hurt?

    Dustin Biell will also likely make Charlotte, I'd assume.

  11. Kevin - that is correct - Dustin did make the Stone Crabs. You basically will be watching the Bowling Green Outfield from last year in Charlotte.

    Wonder why it is taking Charlotte so long to publich their roster?

  12. Thanks for the updates. Do you know how long Morrison may be out for, Daniel?

  13. Kevin - I heard a month but I have no way of knowing if that is accurate. I wish Ty a speedy recovery.

    BTW - do you know how minor league DL works? For instance, if a player starts the season on the DL, are they required to miss a certain number of games before they can be activated?

    If Ty starts on the DL, that may tell us more than anything.

  14. This feels backwards of the Rays way. Being a little aggressive with a couple of pitchers in Romero and Lara but taking it easy on Sale and Vetterson and more surprisingly, the guy who actually played last year, Justin O'Conner. Then again Malm still hasn't made it to full season ball.

  15. Minor league DL is 7 days, I believe, so that's the minimum a player must miss.

  16. Minor league DL is 7 days, also have the 60-day Emergency Disabled List, which is same as MLB, doesn't count against the roster.

  17. Wish we had threaded comments so we could reply to original, and auto-updating as we post (like SBN blogs).

    Also, I'm beginning to worry about my 2 favorite Venezuelans. Cedeno is probably on the Charlotte roster, but Bencomo...

    Where IS the Charlotte roster? Going for the high-traffic dinner crowd? BG definitely played this better in terms of timing.

  18. Seeing who is up in AA and who is still down in Low A gives a pretty good idea of the Charlotte roster. I will make a wild guess that Hak Ju Lee will be at SS

  19. I heard Hak Ju Lee will be on charlotte but will start the season on the DL

  20. What were they doing in Port Charlotte, tackling drills? Here's the list of players starting the year injured:

    Ty Morrison
    Hak-Ju Lee
    Isaias Velasquez
    Emeel Salem
    Lucas Montero
    John Matulia
    Henry Wrigley
    Shawn O'Malley
    Wilking Rodriguez
    Jairo De La Rosa

    Seems like a lot for three weeks' worth of ST, no? I didn't include Ricky Orta or Will Kline because they're coming off of shoulder surgeries.

  21. Kline was shoulder surgery and Orta was elbow. Just to clarify.

  22. I'm glad Kiermaier made the jump and hope he doesn't disapoint like a lot of our offensive spects. And I'm suprised Guevara, Bailey, and Glaesmann all made the jump after not hitting so well last year, hope it works out. Could be a very exciting team if everyone performs well. Is Romero set to start opening day?

  23. Probably, but nothing official.

  24. Jason McEachern is staying in extended to do some "learning stuff" so I don't know when/where he'll be placed.
    Where is Rob Dickman? J R Betts-Robinson, Omar Bencomo? Why aren't any Hudson Valley pitchers going to Bowling Green as starters? What's happening???? Come on Stonecrabs---time to publish your roster!lol

  25. O'Conner had off-season hip surgery and the rehab was going well, but I guess he had to shut down for awhile with a sore arm. So you can add him to the tentative DL.

  26. Betts-Robinson was released, see the release post below, the part from the P-Rays facebook.

  27. Very surprised to see Guevara in BG. Very Surprised.

  28. What about Partridge thought he did well with Princeton where might he be going this year.Any word on him.