Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Minor Moves: FDLS

LHP Frank De Los Santos has been assigned to the Montgomery Biscuits from the Charlotte Stone Crabs.

In 8.0 innings this season for Charlotte he has allowed 25 hits and 17 earned runs, which works out to a 19.13 ERA.

This promotion is presumably to fill Montgomery's need for lefties in the bullpen following David Newmann's recent retirement.


  1. That promotion doesn't make any sense to me. Why not promote Josh Satow instead?

  2. frank throw 92+ and a lefty... thats filthy

  3. With Newmann's retirement they only had two lefties on the roster, Matt Moore and Neil Schenk, and Schenk is the only reliever. You would have thought Satow, Espinosa or Jarman would be the choice to move up, in light of FDLS's struggles. Only thing I can figure is FDSL has been a starter up until this season (he has made one start), so maybe they wanted someone who could handle longer outings if necessary.

    FDLS used to be a nice sleeper, young leftie, low 90s and lots of groundouts. But the strikeouts never came, the walks kept climbing, and he became very hittable. This season they had him repeat at BG and the bottom has just dropped out in his first 3 games. I can see wanting the flexibility of adding a guy who can go several innings, but the way he's getting rocked lately, how long could he last? After an inning or two you have to pull him or the games over. So who knows.

    There are several starters who should be coming off the DL/XST soon that could shake up the rotations in BG and Charlotte, and could make more guys available for Montgomery. Lobstein, Suarez, Yates, Wilking Rodriguez, Wilmer Almonte, McEachern, plus Bencomo could start at BG if needed.

    Lots of pitching talent that hasn't even thrown a pitch yet in 2011. And that isn't even counting the younger guys who will head to the short-season teams, all of the guys listed above will end up with full-season teams. Lots of help is on the way, this move just isn't part of it :).

  4. to STDR~ You might not have realized it, but, Josh Satow is also a Leftie.
    Doug- you're not kidding about future shake-up rotations. That's a huge number of players coming back....and good ones, too! :)

  5. Kyeong Kang reassigned to HV today. Leaves on open slot at Montgomery - they are now carrying 12 pitchers and 12 position players.