Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rays Top 30 Prospects - Summer 2012

31. Grayson Garvin, LHSP Charlotte Stone Crabs.
32. Jake Floethe, RHSP Bowling Green Hot Rods.
33. Josh Lueke, RHRP Durham Bulls.
34. Ty Morrison, OF Montgomery Biscuits.
35. Stephen Vogt, C/OF Durham Bulls.
36. Henry Wrigley, OF/1B Durham Bulls.
37. Kyeong Kang, OF Montgomery Biscuits.
38. Todd Glaesmann, OF Bowling Green Hot Rods.
39. Albert Suarez, RHSP Charlotte Stone Crabs.

This is our combined list, individual lists can be found here: BurGi, Scott, Kevin and Doug.


  1. who leads these guys in HR/RBI the past 3 years?

    1. That's the wrong question for a top prospect list. That's even the wrong question for a "who performs best" list.

      The correct question is: Who projects to be of highest value for the/a major league club?

    2. At least you're loyal. Gotta wonder what it will take for him to ever get the call after the past couple of months. He couldn't do much better, or be any higher in the minor league system, and the Rays couldn't put many more players on the DL. And yet...

      Serious question, if the Rays needed a RH bat for DH/1B, who would get the call, Wrigley or Garko?

      Both would need to be added the 40-man, and Wrigley can play OF too, but I wonder if the Rays would pick Garko.

  2. Where is Segovia and how did Oscar Hernandez drop coming to America and producing so far?

    1. 1) The mid-season lists were made before a single game was played in SS-ball.
      2) He didn't drop on some individual lists, but the performances of some full-season ball guys (e.g.: C.J. Riefenhauser) put them ahead of him. Now, he obviously would be higher on the list!

    2. Segovia's a nice sleeper, really pounding the ball the past month in BG. He just hasn't been able to play enough since coming to the states to give us an idea of what he's really capable of: 2010 - 34 games in Princeton, 2011 - 23 games between GCL and HV, and 37 games so far this year in BG. If he's able to keep splitting time with Rice the rest of the season we should have a better idea. To date he's been outhitting Rice (who's a good hitting catcher), especially in terms of XBH, and has nice walk and strikeout ratios. He certainly has a chance when you consider what's above him on the org depth chart, if he performs he is not blocked.

      On Oscar, don't think I've ever talked about 2 Venezuelan catchers in one comment. He really didn't drop so much as the voters changed. Here are the results since the last list, about six months ago:

      BurGi - dropped a little from 14th to 19th
      Scott - kept him the same at 30th
      Kevin - moved him up quite a bit from 27th to 16th

      The difference is me, I didn't vote in November, Jake did and he had him really high at 11th. I put him at 28th this time. Just FYI in my draft list from November I had him 30th, so if we would have used my vote then he would have been lower overall.

      Other than a different voter, what BurGi says is also a factor. In the 6 months since the last list Oscar really hasn't played, while most others have had 3 months worth of baseball. Half of a season worth of performance isn't huge, but it's enough to move players around some.

      If he keeps hitting like he is now he'll certainly rise. It'll just depend on how others above him do. One thing that probably won't help him is guys graduating from the list. Usually a few players each year have enough MLB playing time to make them ineligible for future lists. Not sure that will happen this year. Archer might, he's at 11.2 IP now, so he could reach 50 innings. Torres has 4 relief appearances and 8.0 IP, so I doubt it, if he drops off it will be for being bad. Guyer has 48 MLB at-bats, but he's out for the year. So other than Archer I just don't see anyone graduating.

  3. Why is James Harris on this list?

  4. Do you think they are going to keep BG together all year? Obviously this team is by far the most talented with 11 of the top 39...4 of the starting pitchers are listed and most of the everyday starting lineup. Gomez should be on this list also! Young position players with pitchers like Floethe and Carpenter (College Experience and also I heard Floethe is the leader type) if you move these guys and move up younger pitchers up how does it affect these talented younger players. Not fair to Carpenter or Floethe but what do you guys think...is it important to mix experience with youth? Possibly send down Garvin and another struggling starter from Charlotte...