Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Draft: Rays Final Numbers

The Rays ended up spending a total of $4,427,300 on bonuses for the 37 picks who signed according to Baseball America. With the changes under the new CBA, slotting was eliminated and a bonus pool amount was created, with individual amounts for each player selected in the first 10 rounds and a $100,000 max for picks in rounds 11-40. The Rays total bonus pool was $3,871,000, and they ended up spending all but $49,200 of that total. By staying under budget they avoid paying any taxes or losing any picks in 2013.

Of the individual picks, only 3 players signed for over their budgeted bonus pool amount: Bralin Jackson (5th round), Damion Carroll (6th round), and Taylor Hawkins (12th round). Eighth rounder Luke Maile was the only player to sign for the exact budget figure. That means 33 of the 37 picks signed for under their bonus pool max, including first rounder Richie Shaffer, who signed for $1,710,000, $15,000 less than his max.

Here is a chart showing the total amount the Rays have spent on the top 10 rounds of the draft for the past eight years. The "#" column is the number of players who signed from the first 10 rounds, which varies each year due to compensation picks and unsigned players.
Year           $ Top 10 Rounds             #           Top Pick To Sign - $ Bonus
2012            $  3,649,300              10           Richie Shaffer - $1,710,000
2011              11,309,400              19           Taylor Guerrieri - 1,600,000
2010               6,328,300              11           Josh Sale - 1,620,000
2009               3,285,000               7           Todd Glaesmann - 930,000
2008               9,357,000              10           Tim Beckham - 6,150,000
2007               7,172,000              10           David Price - 6,500,000
2006               4,987,500               9           Evan Longoria - 3,000,000
2005               3,425,000               9           Wade Townsend - 1,500,000
Notes: Beckham's bonus was spread over multiple years under the MLB provisions for two-sport athletes. Price signed a major league contract with a total of $8,500,000 guaranteed in MLB salaries and roster bonuses.

All 37 signed players have been assigned to one of the Rays U.S.-based short-season affiliates: 11 to the Hudson Valley Renegades in the New York-Penn League, 11 to the Princeton Rays in the Appalachian League, and 15 to the Gulf Coast League Rays. Unlike last year when 5 signed picks never took the field, all 37 2012 signees are expected to play this season.

As always, for info on past drafts or individual picks just click on the "June Draft" tab at the top of every page. Now that the 2012 draft is in the books, the build-up to the 2013 draft starts at around 2:45 today when MLB announces the results of the new competitive balance draft lottery.

[Update]: Rays lose the lottery, no extra picks in 2013.

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