Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday's Winter League Update

Mexican Pacific League
Angel Chavez was 1 for 4 with a triple and 3 RBI’s.
Elliot Johnson had a solo home run, his first of the season.
Justin Ruggiano was 0 for 2 with a strikeout.

Liga Paralela Rays (from 10/16)
Franklin Paz was 2 for 5 with an RBI.
Alejandro Torres was 1 for 2 with an RBI.
Felix Gonzalez drove home a run.
Freddy Alvarez pitched 2 no-hit innings for the win.


  1. the hitting award went to a backup?!?! thats like giving a cy young to a pitcher who took the mound 5 times in a 162 games...