Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Minor Moves: Releases Include 2009 6th Round Pick

Devin Fuller
Matt Eddy has the latest batch of releases, some of which Jim posted last week, but the biggest news is 2009 6th rounder Devin Fuller. The complete list:

RHP Kyle Ayers
RHP Wade Broyles
RHP Garret Carruth
RHP Devin Fuller
RHP Yorman Mayora
RHP Miguel Sierra
RHP Pete Woodworth
C Zane Williams
1B Ryan McCrann
2B Brian Harris
2B Elias Otero
3B Geno Glynn
OF Burt Reynolds

Fuller's career stats:
Year   Age          Team W L  ERA  G GS    IP  WHIP  H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB
2009    20 Hudson Valley 4 2 2.92 13  8  49.1 1.419  8.0  0.0  4.7  5.7  1.19
2010    21 Hudson Valley 2 3 5.34 15 10  57.1 1.378 10.0  0.9  2.4  5.3  2.27
2 Seasons                6 5 4.22 28 18 106.2 1.397  9.1  0.5  3.5  5.5  1.59


  1. Kind of off topic, but who do you have higher on a prospect list, Scott Shuman or Zach Quate?

  2. All these releases are really upsetting- seems like a lot for this time of year. I especially hate seeing Devin Fuller, Kyle Ayers, Elias Otero and Miguel Siera go. Devin, Kyle and Elias never even had the chance to go to long season ball.

  3. I am still shocked about Fuller. My only guess is that something personal is wring with him, or he has lost his arm strength or something. It seems really weird for them to give up on him so quickly.

  4. Seeing Woodworth on the list is highly upsetting. It's rather puzzling that they only took the small sample size of this GCL season before they decided to give him the boot when they've kept players like Swilley around there for the better part of two seasons.